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Story to Film | Book to film | Story to film adaptation | Short film service

What is story to film service?

·         STORY TO FILM is a unique service brought to you by Power Publishers. You submit us your short story; we make a short film (HD quality) from it. You decide the duration of the film. Take a look at the cost chart below, pay us the cost of making the film, according to the chart below, and we start making the film. We take care of everything, from scripting to filming, editing and music. The final film will be handed over to you, which you can share with viewers on YouTube, Facebook etc. or send to short film festivals. You can also create your own YouTube channel as a business, in a planned manner and upload several videos of similar theme, to get subscribers (regular viewers) who love your channel and increase its viewership. Click here to read this article about how much some of the popular YouTube channels earn.

Why do I make a film from my story?

·         Over the years our lifestyle has become faster and busier. This has cut down the time to read books. With dropping reading habits, the best way to tell your story to people is with the help of films. People see films much more then they read books. Today, most people entertain themselves by watching small duration videos shared on Facebook, YouTube etc. using their smartphone. Videos that are loved, are shared and receive millions of viewers. A great way to tell your story to the world. Great way to be known to the world. 

All inclusive COST CHART for making your short film

Short film duration        

Payable by you

5 minutes  

Rs 50,000 / US$ 900

10 minutes

Rs 70,000 / US$ 1,250

15 minutes

Rs 90,000 / US$ 1,600

20 minutes

Rs 105,000 / US$ 1,850


  •         Pre-production -  story to screenplay (writing); planning, casting actors
  •         Production - filming, locations (indoor and outdoor within a city and its suberbs), including cameras, lights, microphone and other technical equipment; travel and food expense for actors and crew;
  •          Post production – editing, special effects, sound mixing, music, sound effects, titling, rendering, etc.

Extra costs:

  •          50% extra if crew have to shoot your film outside a city 
  •         50% extra if there are more than 4 main characters / actors and less than 7 characters / actors
  •         50% extra if there are more than 5 locations in the film (and less than 8 locations).
  •         Historical film: ask for custom quote

What is the cost if I want it as an animation movie (2D and 3D animation)?

  • 2D animation movie: Rs.800 / US$14 per second all inclusive. It will include script, voice over, character design, story boarding, animatics, animation, background design, compositing, sound designing, editing and finalising the animated story.
  • 3D animation movie: Rs.1,200 / US$ 21 per second all inclosive. It will include script, voice over, character design, character modeling & Texturing, background design, rigging, story boarding, animatics, animation, final rendering, compositing, sound,editing and finalising the animated story.

NOTE: animation film duration should be of minimum 2 minutes.

What happens to the film after production?

·         It will be delivered to you. After you approve, the final cut will be uploaded on YouTube from your account and made public. It will become open to the viewership of hundreds and thousands of viewers. You can share it on Facebook to increase the viewership, and make it go viral.

Can I give my opinion during production?

·         Sure you can. The script will be approved by you; your suggestions will be implemented at this stage. Photos of actors in lead roles will be shown before shooting. After shooting, editing and dubbing, the pre-final version will be shown to you for your opinion. Small changes suggested by you can be done at this stage. Then the final version will be made ready.

How does the film earn? How do I get return on my investment?

·         The film earns from advertisements. We shall sign you up with Google Adsense and link your Google Adsense account with your YouTube account. Google will start showing advertisements on your film. You earn from the number of impressions the ads are shown and also from the number of clicks the advertisements receive. Your earnings from Google get accumulated in Google Adsense account. After your earnings from advertisements reach a certain threshold, you can withdraw the earning to your bank account. The earning is good if your video gets good viewership. The more impressions the advertisements receive (ie. The more number of times the advertisements are shown on your video), the more is your earning. You can also create your own YouTube channel as a business, in a planned manner and upload several videos of similar theme, to get subscribers (regular viewers) who love your channel and increase its viewership. Click here to read this article about how much some of the popular YouTube channels earn.

How long does it take?

·         4 weeks.

Where do I send my story to get started?

·         Please mail your story to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the subject: STORY TO FILM. Mention your desired duration.

How do I pay?

Please click here for payment options 

How many short films can you make at a time?

·         Presently we have 4 different teams of seasoned and talented short film makers, who can handle the production of 8 short films a month.

Can I see a few samples?

Click here to see shooting stills of our upcoming STORY TO FILM - A FLING TO CHERISH written by Shailesh Khatri.