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Power Book Trailers

Get a compelling video book trailer made for your book, much like a feature film trailer; that can create curiosity about your book. Run it on Youtube, Facebook and other social media to create a viral marketing buzz. We have seen recent Youtube videos like Kolaveri Di and Mumbai Flash Mob spreading across internet users virally. The video is seen by thousands and can make your book a bestseller. This is an important investment if you care to make your book a bestseller, because recent Indian bestsellers, like Mehula, The Secret of the Nagas and almost all American bestsellers take the help of video book trailers to create the buzz and convert to bestsellers.

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Power Music

Self publish your music album on demand, with Power Music, the first music on demand publishing company that offers recording, publishing, marketing, distribution and music video creation support. See your music album in circulation within 3 weeks.

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The Screenplay Writers

Take the first step to get your book converted to a feature film. Get your book adapted to a screenplay, by a leading Bollywood or Hollywood screenplay writer. Visit TheScreenplayWriters.com; world's leading screenplay writing service, employing top Bollywood and Hollywood screenwriters. Comes from Power Media and Entertainment Group; the team that runs Power Publishers. Get your book converted to a highly professional screenplay. Next, it has to be sent to production companies by yourself or through a screenplay agent, so that it is picked up for production, and your novel becomes a feature film. Your investment for a book to screenplay adaptation starts from: Rs 1.5 lakhs.

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Comic Book Artists

Get your book converted to a comic book. Comic Book Artists, a popular comic book and graphic novel service, run by the team of Power Publishers, employs incredibly talented comic book artists and script writers, who can convert your book to a comic book.

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