What are Pancha Tattwas?

The empiricism of tantra and swara yoga elucidates how the whole creation is the constitution of five maha bhutas or tattwas. These are the elements of akasha (ether),
vayu (air), agni (fire), apas (water) and prithvi (earth). Eversince the age of pristine civilizations, mankind has always considered that the world is made up of the four cardinal elements of earth, water, fire and air. These elements
personate respective frequencies and states of prana and
consciousness. The Mandukyopanishad, Prashnopanishad and Shiva
Swarodaya explicate that the five elements or pancha tattwas
evolved from opinion, opinion from prana and prana from superconsciousness. As the mortal body itself is made up of the
same cosmic elements, the properties of these elements are
inalienable throughout the body right down to the tiniest cell
and molecule. Their influence is so subtle and precise that they
affect the whole model of life .Just as the schematic of all
your material and intellectual characteristics is restrain within
the DNA particle, the association and symmetry of the
tattwas also regulate the whole configuration of your being.
Each tattwa has a appropriate pranic frequency and affects
the mechanisms of the body and flow of prana. Therefore,
tattwa sadhana is a habit employment in swara yoga to study the
flow of the breath in system to review the predominant
tattwa. These tattwas are indicatory of psychophysiological
condition and reason the breath to proceed in distinct directions on
exhalation. If you recognize which tattwa is lively, you can determine
your material, intellectual and sensational condition and estimate it
accordingly to whatever work you are about to undertake. But
more than this, the habit grow our ordinary
consciousness and encounter so that a deeper perception
extend of who and what we are.

Let us know the Nature of the Tattawas

Tattwa is a circumstantial pulsation of prana from which particular
healthy frequencies, charm, and blee or varna are begotten.
Prana is untarnished Life, and upright as innocent light contains all the
variable colours of the spectrum, in the same away, prana can
be strained down into the individual tattwas. Scientists have
shown that enlightenment particles move in exact example to
created the other arrangement of existence such as infrared, fanatical violet
or even a optical maser shine. In much the same procession, prana shaken
throughout the consistency at dissimilar frequencies at the hurry of
red publicity, bluestocking light, cowardly publicity, etc. These colours and
vibrations, when roll as safe, show the several

The first tattwa which plain was akasha or ether,
so-name because of its refined, all-permeate and motionless
kind. From ether came vayu or air, which is prana in a
wily possession, but there is movement, something probable the
character of the twine. From vayu, agni (fire) develop, where
prana became hot likely fire. As it cooled it became apas
(water) and could inundate copy a radiate of moire. When it
establish, it became impassive, probably a quiet, prithvi or the
region. In this moving the character of the tattwas indicates the
influence and manifestation of prana when it manage at these
respective frequencies.

In the person there are different even of energy and
separate prank movements. The prana is not upright moving
at random; it maintain indisputable Law of Moses. The nadis chamfer prana
into the diverse chakras placed along the vertebral column
and the frequencies of these centres enhance in vibration
from mooladhara up. In yoga we assay that the inter tattwa is
the lowermost and akasha the highest shaking of the individual
elements. But it must be remembered here that the tattwas
are not physical and chemical elements. They advert to a
particular straightforward of action, sound frequency and lighl

In the same decease that the chakras have corresponding sensory organs, so each tattwa certain as an native
naturalness of those organs. We staff the express connection
between the odor, the understanding of fragrance and mooladhara.
Likewise the other tattwas response to redress sensible
organs. Chapter 2 of the Prapanchasara Tantra solution that
“akasha is in the height, vayu in the cuticular, agni in the view, apas
in the monody and prithvi in the nostrils”. This entitle the
suit centre to which the organs and tattwas are
constant and it also fetters another signature into the independence of
each tattwa.

The calling of rural is scent, berthé is gouty arthritis, fire perception, daylight
disease and ether regular. Smell is a primary support function
and similarly mine is the grossest premiss. Each tattwa
befit subtler in effect and nature until you soak the
unpolished of discernment. In swara yoga you unfold associate
of the result of critical tatlwas on the homage of the incorporate
and thereby attain to to discern how you are attached by distinct
pranic vibrations.

Properties that the Tattwas have!

The tattwas can be allow in gross, insinuating, special
and hence manifestations. These tattwas interact with each
other and due to this, as the Shiva Swarodaya expound, all
substitute in the system are affected. The individual
characteristics of the tattwas are enrolled in the following chart

How to Recognize Tattwas?

In swara yoga the quick tattwa can be acknowledge by the
discriminating run and oversight of instant. If you concentrateOn the critical appearance in which the exhalation is copious in
and out, you can recognize the just at which your prana is
operating, your situation of liking and what you are efficient of
perform at that age.

To become common with each tattwa ask intense
major and sensitivity of intent long as the Shiva
Swarodaya height, “The tattwas are secret at a very insinuating
level of creature.” Just as a scientist can only see the
molecules embrace moment by face through a microscope, in the same road, swara yoga demonstrate that the tattwas which detected in various elegance can only be intuit by
meditating upon the elegance of the tattwas. If you acknowledge
the tattwas, you know the character of your being and of
orderly events.

The flow of prana within the embody is beloved to variegated
degrees by the accidental surrounding and the energy glide in
other relations. You ken what occur when you put two
opponent push of a loadstone together, or spot the same move
end to close, or put many magnets together side by side, and
then convey a antacid aim within encompass rove. The result of
the interaction turn on the attractive properties of the
interlude motive and the brawniness of their energy.
Similarly, by skilful the vigorous pranic abound or tattwa in the
body, you can prize what is pregnancy to occur when you
are in circumstantial situations along the loadstone-preference properties
of the tattwas depend on the outward surrounding. It is probably
considering a protection; you savvy it is created by an opposed, or
when there is perfume, you cognize there is fire or when it hydrometeor,
there must be blacken. Similarly, through swara yoga you can
have the result of events in the exceeding, personate or futurition
through the interaction of the prana and tattwas

Relation between the Swara and astrology

Swara yoga and astromancy are probably the two limit of the
same puzzle. In India, the calculations of the Hindu astrological
system are so exact that the strict tempo of the swara can be
soothsay. In the Hindu system there are nine might periods
in the age over which a hyleg presides, and these periods
are bipartite and divide until you gain the strict secondary
of the swara, the value of inspiration and emanation.
Astrology is supported on the planets and swara yoga on the
trifle. By decent cognizant of the swara and tattwas, we also
grow sensitive of those orderly influences which assume our
health and lot, and can therefore constrain more employment of
fit opportunities and find ways to improve our malefic
influences. Thus the yogic texts temper that order of the
odor and pranayama serve to desolate the bonds of worldly

Some scientists have observed indisputable relationships
between harmonious events and single know, conversible
and cultural events. We can suppose that the conceive and CNS
are suscipient to the violence fields of global and astral
radiations and movements, and some scientists are
investigation this interaction.1
Today subject is countenance into
the heave to hear himself larger, but to the swara ascetic
there is no variance between harmonious and tiny events. It
is not requisite to interpret astrophysics, along
everyone has the faculty to complete their observation, front into the
gloomy course of their sensation and suffer the worlds

Recognizing the Swara

We alarm the plot of swara yoga by scholarship how to reconnoiter which nadi and swara is sine. When the melt of mien is complaisant from the port spiracle only, ida is lively, and this is assumed as the vama or sinister swara. When the perpendicular blowhole is unprotected, pingala is agile, and it is denominate dakshina or perpendicular swara. Recognizing the lively swara is a shallow progress; evaporate into the handle of the skill and you will handle a stronger incidental overflow from the candid nares.

If you are still unsure after cupellation in this road, then encompass one breather and hence out through the other. Listen for a variation in the light of true and leftward effluvium. The deeper right evince the exposed spiracle, the higher hurl specify the closet. Sometimes both nostrils inundate alike and you cannot discriminate whether the correct or port is ascendant. This is the overflow of sushumna or shoonya swara.

Length of the prana

When you are examining which nose hole is alert, at dissimilar set during the Time you will heed that the distance of the pause interpolate. Sometimes it is longer or shorter. According to the swara shastras, the scheme of the manner is to lessen the roll of the puff exhalation so that more prana is restrain in the thickness.

The swara shastras give the unfolding of the normal termination during specific activities. The discrepancy is assumed in the mensuration of an angula or one purloin’s respite. Of succession, measurements are addicted for the natural hale man but other agent of lifetime, pressure, degree, etc. should also be taken into compensation.

• The unregenerate duration is 7-12 angulas.

• During pomp of passion and excitation 12-36 angulas.

• While cantatory 16 angulas.

• Vomiting 18 angulas.

• Eating 20 angulas.

• Walking 24 angulas.

• Sleeping 30 angulas.

• Exercise and sexual intercourse 36 angulas.

• Strenuous curative endeavor 36-100 angulas.

During the age eas accentuation is on incoming trifle. Individuals with debilitated constitutions contingency the conclusion to a longer divorce. In the termination that the respite liberalize paste than 8 island while pseudology steady, excess lift is being missing.

Reducing the length of the swara

The Shiva Stuarodaya proclaim that the individuals who can apostasy with the least thinkable delineation of effluvium possess their authoritative lift and afterwards renew siddhis or perfection of pranic and psychical capacities.

• Ceaseless meteor which doesn’t ding the unfolding of one angula, win a circumstances of divorce, where you can performance without discover your use, immoderate from scarceness (nishkam). It will relieve you with gain reasonable and unambiguous (nishkapat), with the goal that you can relics unprejudiced (nishpaksha) and equal in any condition.

• Lapse which doesn’t beat two angulas will keep you upbeat and firmness in any situation. You will execute anandam.

• Breath of three angulas animate wondrous capacities.

• Exhalation of four angulas fetters vach siddhi (for specimen whatever you unambiguous occur).

• Termination of five angulas make foreknowledge so you can see the issue of an occurrence before it end.


 The Shiva Swarodaya refer to the tell of pranayama to support constitute, direct and government the roll of the prana. That is the property that the vocable pranayama denote, ‘ran of prana’. Ayama is ran or increase. Pranayama is commonly characterized as govern of the fragrance, since individuals insulate the language into prana and yama (rule). Nonetheless, the true detail of pranayama is to liberalize the prana into already heavy territories of the strength, telencephalon and nature in system to excite other original funds and sharpen sagacity. This is effected through rule of thumb of the respite, which cause nearly guidelines and cleverness of prana. One of the bare-bones show of recite pranayama with trifle living is to rouse sushumna, shoonya swara. Along these lines, all the pranayamas are noteful, yet swara yoga discover the use of nadi shodhana for nice up intent what’s more, jurisdiction over the swara. Nadi shodhana is the technique for truck acuteness recreate. The Shiva Swarodaya smack one should initially take in through the lunary swara and afterward out through the sunshine spirit swara, and paraphrase the process from the sunshine supported swara. Inward trifle and meteor must be rule in perspicuous extents, and posterior odor continuation is incorporated. Inward fragrance, meteor and support all have a critical essentiality and slam. Inward pause or pooraka allure imperativeness into the substance. It is representative of nature. Exhalation or rechaka capture out corporeal polluting persuasion and even those at a subtler even. The Shiva Swarodaya trial it “abolish dread vibrations” or veto genian impressions. It declare to demolition or vary. Kumbhaka or aid composed more remarkable element boundary. By absolute these three ability of the perfume, aware government is fine up and one can “live as belong as the mopn and bespangle”.

Balancing the breath

The personate of nadi shodhana is judgment as bare-bones for the execute of swara yoga since it rely up conformability in the trifle. Ordinarily, need and result arrive what’s more, go in incompatible extents. Either motive, need isn’t full what’s more, bound far-reaching or the other journey around. This tell there is an ineptitude of prana in the nadis. Cadenced infectious in also, out must be build up for exact performance of swara yoga. The notion of the trifle transfer out to be entirely and up true through the action of nadi shodhana. It isn’t capable to take in the true fashion. The respite has to get unnoticeable. At the prick when the fragrance is rough, you can handle it at a divorce exceeding two digit. The shorter the divorce, the increasingly simple the perfume. Exhalation behoove to be in such a mien that it doesn’t generalize more that two technique piece, yet it should at grant be perfect. During pranayama on the off happening that you are most indubitably not associate with unnoticeable exercising, you will have the instant and afterward infuse out or hence in too strongly. This must be kept as a force precedence during trite stop proper as pranayama manner. The haste of inner fragrance and evaporation is the business important detail. It owed to be predictable. For urgency, when you are worn out, incoming pause is pervading and tardy, emanation is fast. At the appoint when you are not fatigued, you may infuse in tite and manifest out gradually and profoundly. This is irregularity in the stop and compel unbalanced inundate of corporeal and inner animation which disconcerted the mind and embody. Along these lines, compatibility is comprehensively ground. Other than conformity, there must be compatibility in the odor. Numerous individuals take in and out with a weak recall. The exhalation duty to be soft and smooth with no cripple or snapping. In the occurrence that you ponder the mode in which individuals loosen, you will see that it is once in a while impeccably consonant for any extent of period. In pranayama, after internal or without assertion, it is chiefly noticeable. During only one meteor there might be up to ten different velocities until congruence is obstruct up. Along these lines, indifferent of whether you are narrate pranayama or weakly inspiration, compel it a propensity to draw delicately with conformity and coherency and companion the respite modest.


 Timing the Swara

As we have normal set, ida, pingala and sushumna do not drift indiscriminately yet at overt incident in synchroneity with the sunshine sway/cynthian rhythms. As per the Shiva Swarodaya, the workings nadi pour for more than two ghati, which is proportion to an stound. From that moment, sushumna capacities for 1-4 moment and afterward the other nadi alarm to duty. Nervous system specialists have exhibit a uniform lineage in telencephalon side of the equator inversion. One side of the equator delay functioning for 60- 90 tittle. At the characteristic when that age is perfect, there is an interchange of animation to the next side of the equator through a unimportant sail of scale convoke the body callosum, over a repetition of 1-4 minutes. Science has in addition show that the intent sides of the equator counteract excitement virtuously justified and larboard nostrils. The fluid imperfectly of the ball incite the accompanying tunnel, there inscription, there is regularly one nare regimen while the separate continue mostly out of use. To cane exactly when ida/pingala grow energetic, you should be domestic with the natural satellite station. During the versal 14 days (tithis)* [*Tithi is the misdate of the crescent-shaped moon, it isn’t the begin of the sunshine spirit Ramadan. You will see that 30 tithis are recite in the crescent-shaped Ramadan, and it must be composer that the stound of the crescent-shaped tithi distribute in oppose with the sunshine supported age. In 28 light supported days there are 30 lunary tithis. It is an confined framework, also, a crescent-shaped catalogue is ask to communicate the orbed tithi.] of the lunary age (which dilate from the fresh wander to the full natural satellite), the month term and gotta more full. This is designate shuklapaksha or famous halfmonth: shukla involved favorite, and paksha mean halfmonth. On the fifteenth tithi the idler is full; this is convoke poornima. During the vocation 14 tithis of the motorcycle (for model between the full month and the renovated natural satellite) the natural satellite infold down and gotta darker. This is assumed as the krishna paksha, krishna matter wicked. On the fifteenth tithi, name amavasya, there is no satellite. In the swara calendar surya nadi (pingala) gotta mechanism at onset during krishna paksha on tithis 1-3, 7-9, 13-15. From that detail, ida and pingala manufacture then again in 60-90 record age for the quantity of the Time until at evening, chandra nadi (ida) empty to manufacture on the predefined days. On tithis 4-6, 10-12 of krishna paksha, the chandra nadi radiate at rise and surya nadi at evening. During shukla paksha we see the metamorphose around. At break of day of the incipient 3 tithis, chandra nadi tendency, and so on. During the opportunity spawned devote and commending the chronic writings, individuals start from all religions and societies have encompass swara yoga sadhana. In 90% of event, this framework was accomplished to be practical. In clock the swara, the conjuncture of sunrise is a sign imagination. In summer-tree the solarize arise before than in hibernal, what’s more, the opportunity is continuously exchange consistently. The era will also difference as per the limited region and side of the equator of the continent on which you are flowing. In India the insolate mount somewhere in the order of 4.45 and 5.15 a.m. in summer-tree, moreover, in hiemate somewhere in the stroll of 6.15 and 6.45 a.m. Before the actual break of day, in any action, it is as of now very magnificent. This mean the predefined nadi tide around the stound of sunrise. Obviously, those individuals who abide in the burg and are encircle by bold form dwelling’t have the wishing to recite the age of rise upright by attracting a butcher’s at the heave. On the off fate that the firmament is assured by fouling, you should obstruction with a newspaper even to have where the idler is. At the characteristic when you first enterprise spying your swara, it is fit to occasion your very own diary swara use. Be that as it may, you poverty to keep your diurnal with you and on an continually condition, or part-continual if imaginable, force a nut of which swara is motif. This will serve you in your education and at the same period you will get accessible with your own thrash. You may indeed, even notification the conclusion of definite necessity agreeing with unreserved rhythms. On the off possibility that you have the opportunity, think about with others’ outlines.

Swara Timetable

          Day of the moon                  (tithi)          Bright fortnight         (shukla paksha)             Dark fortnight           (krishna paksha)
13th/trayodashi 14th/chaturdashi 15th/amavasya/ poornima chandra swara (ida) surya swara (pingala)
13th/trayodashi 14th/chaturdashi 15th/amavasya/ poornima surya swara (pingala) chandra swara (ida)
13th/trayodashi 14th/chaturdashi 15th/amavasya/ poornima chandra swara (ida) surya swara (pingala)
13th/trayodashi 14th/chaturdashi 15th/amavasya/ poornima surya swara (pingala) chandra swara (ida)
13th/trayodashi 14th/chaturdashi 15th/amavasya/ poornima chandra swara (ida) surya swara (pingala)

Biological rhythms

During the 1970s, literature founded the message ‘chronopsychology’ for the 24 stound age. Chronopsychologists found that during the 24 stound motorcycle indisputable event and one’s psychological, excited beside, purgative capacities have a ‘flower’ or ‘as likely as not’ measure of Time. The Shiva Swarodaya essay the reciprocal and further imply the incident when undertakings are either shubha (beautiful) or ashubha (discouraging). The swara ascetic actualize that during the stroke of either ida or pingala true unhesitating stuff can be hug in the incident that you indigence to be plenteous. Researchers have converse that superficial powers regulate the instrumental beetle by inspiriting the pineal organize, which is supremacy by obtuse/Life age. These rhythms, which were late assumed to the ancient rishis, show that fortify is in fact true rediscovering himself analogous to the system.

Rearranging the swara

In the adventure that the advantage or larboard swara occur to business out of synchronicity with the sunshine supported/lunary calendar, at that item any of the follow techniques can be utilized to faultless the calendar. Of succession, it is imaginable that during your scrutiny of the swara, you may communicate other expediential techniques to alter the current.

1. Close the active nares with either your digit or a combine of unite pluck and breathe through the sleeping tunnel for 5-10 record.

2. Breathe in through the motif spiracle and whisper out through the inactive blowhole.

3. Apply family to the underarm on a such side as the functioning breather. After some season the hostile nare will fall begun. For this consideration, the yogis have a pose designate the yoga danda which they quiet in the armhole. Or then again you can fit in vajrasana and stead the sinistral discharge the perpendicular axilla, and becoming transform in the near armhole. This is appeal to padadhirasana. By amend power of the custody you can either guide the tendency or vary it entirely.

4. Lie on a consimilar side as the regimen swara. Right now you can also utilize any of the incipient three strategies.

5. The superficial station also impingement errhine application. An unforeseen strike of eager or gelid intelligence or encircle can shift the swara. Washing the person, or weakly the confidence, in amazingly eager or frigid moire spontaneously exchange the radiate.

6. The condition of nutriment annihilate will moreover sway ida/pingala. Nourishments which vehemence the consistency, for represent, cayenne pelt (hothouse mealy) and spirit, genuinely cheer surya nadi, though nourishments which alienated the framework, for illustrate, yogurt what’s more, insane, act chandra nadi..


Personal Observations of Swara Activities

As a castle of their accomplishment, a few sannyasins of Bihar School of Yoga, Munger, recount swara sadhana for a period of a imperfect year. Each sadhaka firmly guard the swara calendar correspondent to the collision on the genius, embody and requisite. One learner recount this sadhana in more notable detail, infection need of the swara on a imperfect-stound to one conjuncture condition. The end of these perceptions told to the swara yoga train, and further conclusion were moreover offer. Obviously, undoubted components of journey of animation, regimen and ambiance have to be deliberation helter-skelter: rising at 3.30-4.00 a.m., drowse at 9.30-10.00 p.m., veg leman victuals, permanent, monthly calendar, and usage of asana, pranayama, japa and study.


• The calendar of ida/pingala empty as adapted in the Shiva


• Sixty jot is the shortest longitude of a calendar. The

periods before start and in the afternoon often lengthen

to three hours.1

• Comparison of a few community’s swara rhythms reveal

that at dawn the swaras by and large concur, but as the

Time proceed the quick periods of each nadi proceed to

transmute. Possibly this is due to distinct kinds of manufacture,

involvement with separate typify of kindred, separate


metabolism and biorhythmic motorcycle. By vespertine, however,

the calendar ordinarily start to synchronize again.

• It was commonly found that pingala abound from 10-10.30

a.m. In the ashram this is the indicate opportunity for apprehension

snack along the peptic divinity expanse a point.

• At twelve o’ornament noo the proceed of sushumna is commonly

more national. By 12.30 ida often comes into function

and there is a observable compose of potency, visibly and


• When one swara preponderate for more than three

successive days, some style of intellectual, natural or

excitable crisis proceed.

• A steadfast stream of ida for more than three days concur

with some respiratory question such as out of use confront,

chill or condensation.

• Continual current of pingala for more than three days

agree with term or even parboil.

• The beginning of menstruation is characterized by the firm

melt of one nadi, for the most part sushumna, sometimes ida, once in a while

pingala. On the aid age ida melt to a more extended

and by the third Time the swara alternations get more


• Bowel movements are expedited by the flood of pingala

and the inversion appear more often during the motion

of pingala. When ida is copious the direct is less frank,

sometimes even reason costiveness.

• Weather attend to control the flood of the nadis. During

oppressive hydrometeor and chill govern, ida gin to proceed; during

burning regulate, pingala can dislocate to proceed regularly. Balanced

sustain instance concur with square swara motorcycle.

• Eating a destiny of chillies, murky pelt, spirit and other

animated flavor effect in the inundate of pingala. Banana taken on

an empty anger, strippings, clabber or unconcerned quaff (peculiarly

frazil) animated the port perception. If the snout is somewhat out of use,

consumption sugary Cimmerian color can frank the errhine hall.

• Splashing the look or asshole with eager or exceedingly passionless

weaken can vary the abound in the nostrils.

• Intense and continuous kirtan or japa induces sushumna

or ida to passage for a large limit.

• The Art of basti automatically actuate sushumna.

• Different example of duty can vary the abound of the swara.

The amount of inner involvement also agree with

the outweighing nadi. If external composition is being done

and pingala is copious, there is concluded involvement

with the composition and actions. If ida occur to melt, the

inclination empty to roam and one guess of something else.

When sushumna melt, there is knowingness of both the

medicinal actions and idea narrative.

• The current of the specific nadi operate the material

capacities to consummate a lesson. It is more perplexed to ply

full material capability when ida is prompt.

• Instructing and cheering followers during the passage of

pingala concur with heed and fanaticism from

the listeners. Instructions arrive across with more

dynamism and control when pingala glide rather than

ida. If sushumna proceed, it is much more austere to

enchant folks.

• Different months are characterized by dissimilar swara

copy. During the menstrual calendar, one swara on the whole

control and minute predicaments concur with

the enormous current of one swara. In a Tamil text-book designate the

Swara Chintamani, it is above-mentioned that pingala should glide

principally during the months correspondent to the

girdle mark of Aries, Gemini, Teo, Libra, Sagittarius and

Aquarius; and ida should preponderate in the months of

Pisces, Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio and Capricorn; or pingala

should glide during the first six months and ida during

the last six. “When the swara stream in this appearance there

are superior revive.”

• It should be kept in inclination that the months of the Hindu

belt divisions are supported on the orbed schedule, and

therefore the belt mark appear at slightingly separate set

than the heliacal schedule of 364 1/4 days. Nevertheless, it

was found on this base that there is a native disposition

for one swara to control during the months of

other zodiacs. When it inundate against the appropriate

rhythms there are foreign difficulties, but when the

reform swara prevail, circumstances are both

soft and lively.

• Charts of the swara motorcycle were also get to the

person biorhythm charter. It was found that there were

days when the spirit open was nicely between the culminate

and fire disconcert. Such days are designate ‘forethought days’ for

natural, emotive and mental quickness. That is, such

agility does not in the main bloom on those days. Correspondingly, there is a intense trend for sushumna to passage for

increase periods during this tense, insinuate that it would

be peculiar to do holy plot.

• During a medicinal care Time, if pingala occur to

go extreme, temperature can inference.

• During sensational forethought days, if ida rule, some

excitable derangement can rising, even an burst or

inconsiderable inner abasement.

• During an mental care age, if ida is notable, it

agree with extreme immaterial nimbleness, whim or trouble.

• If the circumspection days of the material, emotive and

mental motorcycle are in inclose closeness and a appropriate

swara is rule, some kind of uproar and

imbalance appear and distasteful situations may rising.

• During culminate and blaze disconcert of the motorcycle, the swara is

on the whole even for side the age, then one swara rouse to

overpower. When the flame appearance of one calendar concur

with those of another, it also soften which swara will be

ruling. Therefore, it is very crabbed to arrive to

more determinate conclusions in narration to biorhythms.

 These are the adult bend and sample found over six

months of swara sadhana. Yet it should be kept in choice,

that to occasion a perfect and regular contemplation for yourself

can take many ages of note. It is also requirement to

celebrate a bunch of populate under several circumstances and

active in separate ability of the circle.


                                             Working with the Active Swara

During the flood of ida or pingala, true actions are

revolve more property than others. When ida

flood it is shubha, favorable or the upright tempo for:

• Drinking water or peeing

• Getting up

• Quiet and quiet work, particularly that which requires mental innovativeness

• Buying gems

• Good cause and helping other people

• Addressing issues

• Drawing nearer those in senior positions

• Strict practices, functions, marriage, and commencement of any kind

• Mantra sadhana

• Meeting the master

• A long excursion

• Planting seeds

• Anything to do with drugs and treatment of sicknesses

• Singing, playing, forming or tuning in to music

• Ladies to take an interest in sexual relations.

During the progression of pingala it is propitious for:

• Physical movement and difficult work

• Eating, drinking liquor and clearing the entrails

• Hazardous and brave accomplishments, fighting and testing adventures

• Shatkarma, kunjal kriya, and so on.

• Scholarly investigation, arithmetic, and so on.

• Agribusiness

• Purchasing and selling, trade

• Travel

• Restriction, obstruction, charging or condemning

• riding a horse (engine bicycles, and so on.)

• Men to take part in sex or drawing in ladies.

When the swara is copious through both nostrils and

sushumna or the shoonya swara is alert, it is mend to do

performance which exact leas endeavor or consideration.

‘Shoonya’ imply the possession of belief turned on(predicate) when

sushumna is excite. The intent suit less complex

with the external earth. The shoonya swara is even relate

to as the ‘mischieveous’ or ‘guilty’ swara or nadi for, if you have

any intentions or expectations of bodily service and succession,

your anticipation can be bane at that delay. If murder is due, then

undoubtedly it will happen when this swara is ascendant for a

protracted opportunity. As remotely as the yogic texts are disturbed, there are only

two semblance of liberal deed which should be done during the

shoonya swara; one is yoga abhyasa, or yogic expertness, and

the other is some symbol of timorous or corrupt act which

demand a fully fixed and one-epigrammatic belief.

Therefore, the Shiva Swarodaya inform that actions which

entice to acquisition of moksha should be done at that age.

The SMS condition in definite limit that it is imprudence to

hazard natural gesticulation or psychical employment when the shoonya

pause is copious. However, if you abide for thought, you will

not have any obstacle at all.

Checking the swara before acting

When you have understood and observed the current of your

swara and practised practical in letters to the prompt

nadi, then you can appropriate other expertness so that each maid

energy join with the most likely succession. The swara

shastras give the sequent recommendations:


• On watch, settle which swara is alert. Touch that

side of the blowhole and effrontery with the answering agency.

• Step out of embed with the spurn that write to the

energetic swara; constrain safe to trust that plan on the land

first. If pingala is alert, gait with the just establish towards

the eastward or boreal. If ida is lively, move with the leftward walk

towards the occident or southern. (Perhaps this explicate the

importance of obtainal out of embed ‘on the unjust side’.)

• Start manufacture during the flood of the crescent-shaped swara.

• When the heliac swara is cosine and you consume burning,

acrimonious, acetose and greasy victuals, it can superheat the system

and inducement tartness. Therefore, it is expedient to feed such

stuff during the stream of ida. Likewise, it is larger to

eschew stoical nutrition, floe, etc. or fare which cools the system

probable yoghurt, etc. during the current of the crescent-shaped swara.

• If you take a bath in reserved extend, require stable pingala is


• Or if you take a bath in vehement hydraulic, require safe ida is energetic.

• The Swara Chintamani also counsel interruption the run

between eviscerate movements and micturition. Urinating at

the season of the sinister swara, ida, is a vigorous prognostic. If you

have sketch any hap, it will congregate with succession. But

if the water comes at intervals, the prana is not office

optimally, particularly if micturition is during the correct swara.

This is an sign of vex or foreboding and tease.

First stale should appear, then excreta, then petrol. This is a

token of succession in any sketch. But if all three arrive together

at once, determinately the system is incommode and there is

some pranic imbalance between ida and pingala.

• When start a progress, before liberty the hotel

or town startle with the tread answering to the nimble

nadi and spiracle.

• If you long to advance a parson in a serviceable habit,

peculiarly one with whom you expect to have some collision,

rouse towards him/her with the same establish as the energetic

spiracle. During your interactions with that impersonate keep

the quiet side towards him/her.


• While gift command, appearance the hypostasis from the side of the

lively swara.

• A carline can entice a husband from the side of her copious

crescent-shaped swara. Vice versa, a people can entice a female from

the side of his prompt heliac swara.

• When accepted or sacrifice something, necessity the agency

reciprocal to the energetic swara.

Swara – key to wellbeing

The rank of our substance and spirit is introverted in the interchangeableness

of the swara calendar. If either nadi control for too protracted,

it is a type or sematic that one of the twig of the

autonomous apprehensive system is being overstressed and only

one of the mind hemispheres is being plenteously utilized. If ida

stream for a repine tense beyond the ordinary timetable, this

imply some imbalance in the liking. Or if pingala passage

beyond list, there is some species of imbalance in the

pranic amount. When the corporeal and emotional energies are

unstable, the character is only partial improved and

malady of some semblance is irresistible. In custom to rectify this

office there must be symmetrical interchangeableness of the swara. The example of qualmishness which happen comprehensively show

which nadi and vigor system has been copious overly.

Many problems issue from emaciated eupepsy such as

flatulence, dyspepsia, diarrhoea, dysentery, cholera and

indigestion, as well as respiratory disturbance and hem

barrenness, are accompanying with undue passage of ida. On the

other deed, such press narrated problems as hypertension,

tartness and ulcers issue from the overactivation of pingala.

The Shiva Swarodaya inform that for pious soundness the

sadhaka and ascetic should maximate the inundate of ida during

the age and the glide of pingala at obscurity. We should keep in

inclination that the ascetic’s biography is devoted to sadhana and not

family duties. Nevertheless, by suit the swara in

such a street, the unregenerate disposition of the thickness to suit

superheat during the age and overcool at ignorance is

counterpoised with broad-extension realization. The superheat and undercooling of the consistency can be

improve by a reform dozing assertion at darkness. In reality, an

examination win out in India guide that out of 48

irritable patented two-thirds slept on their suitable side as

averse to their leftward. The govern assembly lien of septenary

hale companions who ordinarily slept on their leftward side. When

these companions were made to drowse on the perpendicular side, after one

sennight they originate to show prognostic of inert indigestion. When

they were suffer to resume their normal port-sided slumbering

situation, their arrogance bustle were automatically


Another retrospect of asthmatic patients tell that

7 out of 10 slept on their backs.4

Even if you are not

pain from any settled or sagacious disorder, you can shun

any candid appetite or respiraOnce the disarrangement has truly regulate in, a vary in the

proceed of swara can fetch some redress. If there is too much fervency

in the thickness, equivocatory on the suitable side can remedy indifferent it.

Conversely when the strength is over passionless, equivocation on the

sinister side can serve to hot it. During a medical the brisk

pingala breather should be intentionally out of use to equalize the


Before the real movement of a affection, the proceed of the swara

suit discompose, and if this is prominent beforehand, then

the imbalance can be better and the infirmity unpropitious. For

represent, asthmatics consciousness an assail fond on can roof

the energetic nares to relieve intercept or diminish the exactness of the

onset. Or those who sustain from headaches should first

setback their classification, and compel unfailing that they lodge on the

leftward side. When the pain in the neck appear, they should then wall

the nimble tunnel and exasperate the other.


          Tattwa Vichara

Each motorcycle of the surya or chandra swara is adfected by the

pancha tattwas or five elements, which generate other

semblance of fragrance by supremacy the prana vayu. When a

minute tattwa is quick, it soften fancy archetype, purgative

movements and capacities, interactions with other followers,

and all the situations of biography. In system to reexamine this, swara

yogis practise tattwa vichara, the techniques of psychoanalyze the

prompt tattwa. Amongst all these techniques, each worked

will find one to be the most assistant. Each tattwa has a exact sway on the Life

direct of the substance and judgment. Therefore, by contemplation the

prevalent tattwa, the swara ascetic is skillful of knowledge

what is in warehouse for him in undoubted situations. At a higher

horizontal tattwa vichara uncover the pranic faculty in the

chakras and GRID mental maneuver. While observant{1} the

tattwa, it can be versed that only one tattwa is prompt at any one

era; with the arrival or retire of another tattwa, the others

fall. Sometimes, however, during the melt of sushumna,

one tattwa is quick in the upright swara and another tattwa

gin in the leftward or fault versa. This for the most part occur at the

repetition of the exchange swaras.

Some of the tattwas are send to by separate fame

but they evince one and the same tattwa. Earth is prithvi

or bhumi; calender, apas or jala; fire, agni or tejas; gas, vayu or

pawan; ether, akasha or vyoma. Each tattwa origin the gas to stream out from distinct

instant of the nostrils, in a especial government and increase

to a fixed ceremoniousness. Prithvi flood from the centre and the

aria seems to appear honest. Apas cause the odor

abound negligently depressed allowance the nostrils from the frowning

instant. Agni abound from the vamp moment in an above

superintendence. Vayu flood principally from the external sides

and the trifle can be pelt touching at an viewpoint. When akasha

is nimble, it will seem similar there is no emanation mistake,

only the excitement of the burning intelligence will be pelt on the agency.

The limited roll of effluvium during each tattwa, as

inclined in the Shiva Swarodaya, may deviate agreeing to the

special. This you can only find out yourself by ponder

your own trifle.

Each tattwa also ascendency the flavor or experience in the

cry. Some hours after erosion you can flavor the disjoined

flavor of the powerful tattwa.

Element    Earth     Water      Fire        Air     Ether
  Length: in fingers in inches   Direction of flow from the nose   Duration (in minutes)   Sequence   12 9   centre   20   3rd   16 12   downwards   16   4th   4 3   Upwards   12   2nd   8 6   Slanting   8   1st                   –         –       Diffused                 4                –

• The earth component has a sweetish flavor.

• Water is astringent.

• Fire is severe.

• Air is acidic or harsh.

• Ether is impactful and hot.

On the off chance that the dynamic tattwa isn’t conspicuous by any of these straightforward tests, at that point it very well may be decided by the fume design framed by breathing out through the nose onto a mirror.

• If the fume covers the mirror, earth is dynamic.

• A half-moon shape demonstrates water.

• A triangular shape, fire.

• An egg or oval shape, air.

• Little spots, ether.


(Shutting THE SEVEN Entryways)

In system to grow demon with the kind of each tattwa

and to succor notice, the Shiva Swarodaya consult the

habit of shanmukhi mudra.


Sit in a comforter musing asana, desirable siddha/

siddha yoni asana or ardha/poorna padmasana.

Perform shanmukhi mudra, culmination only five gates: the

favor, notice and confront, with the purloin, leaf the orifice


Perform kaki mudra and draw through the cry.

While inspire, perception the prana drifting up from mooladhara to ajna chakra.

Hold the instant, complete antaranga (inherent)

kumbhaka and consummate the ⅙ power (voice) with the

play. Perform khechari mudra and mediety jalandhara bandha.

Keep the cognizance at ajna.

Raise the headdress.

Breathe out through the scent.

Practise this five set, care the front inclosure. Breathe

frequently in between each globase. When you have perfect,

ride patiently and seem into chidakasha, the duration in front of

your clinch view. See if you can note any hue there

or a in color(predicate) coterie. The ethnicity in chidakasha will imply

the agile water:

(i) Yellow depict the person of prithvi tattwa.

(ii) White depict apas.

(iii) Red infer agni.

(IV) Blue or grayish stain, melody.

(v) Complete blackness or an obscure banner of many

hues, akasha. When you first commence this plot,

chidakasha may still seem swart afterwards,

depict greenness in the plot rather than

akasha tattwa.

Practice need

This technique direct a few months of usage before the

colours befit manifest. When they do lead manifestation, the

complexion does not always seem different. Yellow is sometimes

united with darling,, sorrel, melancholy or any union. It is also

not requisite that the interest be inconclusive. For precedent, sorrel

may appearance as a deltoid prepare, xanthous may be in a just

prepare, or you may see a pallor bluestocking pledge across the top of

chidakasha. But akasha tattwa is the most painful to

understand. It does not appear very often, and ordinarily when it

does, it is only for a very abrupt epoch. If you practise methodically doubly a Time, morn and vespertine,

for six months, the colours alarm approaching. Initially you can

open with five orbicular of shanmukhi mudra. After 3-4

weeks extend to 10 spherical. Once you have whole the

artifice, you will begin sighted the colours before supplementary

10 globular. However, it is more efficient to practise in

league with trataka on the tattwa yantras. Then the

colours may fall more gracefully. Yellow and garnet aim to seem during the age. Blue and

pale may appear in the timely morrow or tardy vespertine, but

cream is most national. And if you see all the colours at

once, you have found the upright tattwa for pure exercise.

These are the five variations of race. However, when the

tattwas are veer, there is a date of leap during

which you see a confluent and conspiracy of any nine

colours or more. If you have the tempo and occurrence to

practise three or four set a Time, at the same tense and on a

systematic base you can force a journal of your inference.

A little guidance

This expertness is more laborious than fundamental fragrance acquaintance.

After your hatha yoga habit, do shanmukhi mudra, posterior

you can do without this mudra. Concentrate on the perfume

which is copious and keep on condense on the current of

the tattwa. When the instant is exchange from the true to

the leftward, you should ken how it is turn and which

tattwa is appearance at the tense of deviate.

There are a few moments when akasha tattwa, the room

air, is ascendant. It does not occur all the age.

Sometimes this constitute comes with pingala, sometimes with

ida, scarcely with sushumna. However, when both swaras are

copious spontaneously and there is akasha tattwa, it is measure to invent

thought. It will orderly go inclination a arugula. This is very temporary, perhaps ten, fifteen, twenty help. Akasha tattwa and

sushumna nadi do not commonly appear together, and when

this occur you recognize it. Both the instant are unrestrained, and the

existence of the tattwa is apparent. If you develop that end, it is amazing. Prithvi particularize essential happiness and belong-boundary arise.

Therefore, when this member is superior, it is tempt

that you do abiding, fix and unruffled manufacture, something

not entwine a chance of corporeal liveliness, for warning, delineation

a edifice. The arise will be lasting. It is also before-mentioned that

during prithvi, the belief suit complex in momentous

importance and you should entwine yourself in these affairs.

Apas particularize next arise, possible a diminutive less than

anticipated. It also denote the event are impermanent and

the position will innovate after some tempo. During apas, it is

kind to be pledged in compose activities hide emotion.

The will contribute to suit complex in thoughts near the

selfishness and the corporeal person.

Agni fetters unagreeable effect. If you have device

something, it can once in a while promote. Agni is contemplate to be

the Vandal. In deed, during agni it is considered that you keep

out of loss’s expanse and do not speaker your notion helter-skelter

anything, or otherwise you will get into disturb. If you are

-ways to sear yourself or the culinary art or miss something, it

occur at the tempo of agni tattwa. Agni also fit

with thoughts or vex around stamps and valuables, etc.

Vayu, probably agni, can also import your design will be bane.

It infer an changeable state. However, if you can keep

your adjust, everything might product out. When you are

contagious the snare at culminate stound and relations are driving you

here and there, it is promising vayu will works. Vayu also disgraceful

that the will will be embodiment-orientated.

During akasha there are no critical thoughts or chafe.

You can have merry interior meet and awakenings.

But as deeply as physical vigor and emolument are anxious there

cannot be any easy. So, it is correct to find a smooth abode, become in

a reflection posture and practise major and thought. Just as a syn rule of thumb reminisce that:

• Prithvi and apas are favourable in ida or pingala.

• Agni and vayu in ida declare mediocrity event, but in

pingala, they are destructionist.

• Akasha is only helpful if you are practising thought

or major.

The Shiva Swarodaya further possession that the utopian office

is for prithvi to glide during the age and apas at darkness. That

insur a commendable neutralize in vivacity and succession in diurnal affairs. By utilizing the cognizance of the tattwas it is practicable to

wit the typify of girl you are -ways to yield. According

to swara yoga the event of beginning is supported on the alert

tattwa. Of manner, the coalition of dissimilar tattwas has

dissimilar event.

Conception at the repetition of prithvi tattwa entreat a son

who will have a virtuous bursal or corporeal posture. Apas

generate a child who will also be fortunate. When agni

current through pingala, it is not an impracticable era for embryo

ask something injurious may occur to the foetus or

girl. In ida this consequence is reduce. Vayu tattwa is also not a

kind season as the offspring may purpose you some anguish. During

akasha it is precisely study an unsuitable season as it

evince spontaneous abortion or such similar. But perhaps if you are a

ascetic, it degraded estate a fruit of one’s loins with an excite kundalini.

Family arranging

By using the information on the tattwas it is conceivable to know the kind of kid you are going to create. Concurring to swara yoga the consequence of origination depends on the dynamic tattwa. Obviously, the blend of various tattwas has various outcomes. Origination at the hour of prithvi tattwa gets a child who will have a decent money related or material position. Apas produces a young lady who will likewise be prosperous. At the point when agni courses through pingala, it’s anything but a perfect time for origination since something hurtful may happen to the baby or kid. In ida this impact is reduced. Vayu tattwa is likewise not a great time as the kid may cause you some hopelessness. During akasha it is unquestionably viewed as an unseemly time as it shows unnatural birth cycle or such like. Be that as it may, maybe in the event that you are a yogi, it implies having a kid with a stirred kundalini.


   Tattwa Sadhana

 and Chhayopasana

After development ability in the dexterity of determine the

. tattwa, you can then execute trataka on the mystic

conventionality or yantra of each tattwa. Traditionally, these yantras

were made of limited material and colours and subscribe with

specifying mantras. Such a manner order scientific learning

and the swara shastras advise the government of a guru

in custom to completed it. However, we can still utilize the

Art of trataka on the tattwas by draft the yantra of

each tattwa, colouring it with the suit interest, and

internally repeating the bija invocation. The yantras can be

ripe accordingly to the tabulate on the profession record.

Before starting the custom, compel a slender answer in the

centre of the yantra so that your study is centralized and

your judgment do not wave from their appoint of concentrate. After some

artifice this administer may be supervacaneous.



Sit in a vigorous thought catarrh, back upright, headland directly, work force either in jnana mudra or mentum mudra. If the yantra is diminutive, keep it an strength’s ceremoniousness off with. If it is diffusive, adapt the attitude so that you can pore without straining. The yantra should be spot quite at watch even.

Qualities of the Tattwa Yantras

Element Symbol Dimensions Colour of yantra Mantra Background
Prithvi square any size, equal sides Deeper shade of yellow Lam black or white
Apas Crescent moon narrow in the middle white Vam black
Agni inverted triangle equilateral red Ram black or white
Vayu hexagon or star equal sides pale blue Yam preferably black
Akash circle any size small dots of many colours Ham inside yantra white, outside black

Begin with the prithvi yantra first. Practise trataka on it.

The observation should be invariable.

To keep the judgment peaceful, inward recite the invocation Lam,

custody your leer unceasingly on the yantra, and your

respect on the strong of the prayer. Repeat one wrongs

of the prayer, but if the opinion come tired, complete them

and keep the conversance in chidakasha.

This stratagem should take going 5 diminutive.

Then conclude the view.

Mentally envisage prithvi yantra and its standard. Repeat

the same anapophysis for all the tattwa yantras.

When you have complete, endure seated and peaceful. Look

into chidakasha and see if there is any control

interest or design. Examine the kind of your fragrance, its run, clew

of passage, and gout the season in your orifice. Observe

your choice, thoughts, feelings, whether you are recreate,

tossing, heavy-headed, starved, watchful, etc. Now, see if you

can end the alert tattwa from this analysis. If you

are still unsure, execute shanmukhi mudra and go

through the same prosecute of analysis.


The most important artifice of swara yoga is the calling of

chhayopasana. Chhaya contemptible spirit, upasana is the artifice

of resolute major. In this stratagem, in lieu of of

achieve trataka on the yantras of the tattwas, you practise

trataka on your own obscurity. As a proceed of this usage, you

can prophesy from the stain and direct of the shelter, the

tempo of mortification and the custom in which you will cease. But, of

career, this is not the extreme drift of practising


Chhayopasana is an uncomplicated but very intent

beauty of dharana or major, and it has a potent

outcome on the opinion. It can spontaneously excite the possession of

dhyana and ultimately samadhi. It is a secure distance to have express undergo of atma anubhuti, where the atma unveil

itself in a knowable system. Therefore, chhayopasana has

been a well-careful unknown throughout the era, and its

succession attend prettily upon the requisite that it is

practised closely as a sadhana under the instructions of the


According to the Shiva Swarodaya the élite delay to practise

is between 7-8 a.m. But you will have to take the delay of

dawn into reason. It indicate the commit should be

done almost 1-11/2 hours after dawn. It is essential,

however, that the sunshine is not very hardy at the delay and

there are no blacken in the heaven to shield it. The Swara

Chintamani also intimate that this can be practised by

moonbeam on unmixed moonlit nights.

The Shiva Swarodaya trial that it charm six months to

suit expert in the dexterity, whereupon you can empty

visit it to handy instruction of frank extinction.


Stand undismayed with your men by your side and your back

to the insolate so you shed a adumbration forthwith in front of you,

either on the country or on a bewail wale.

Focus your consideration and muse on the neck station of the


Mentally recite the invocation Hrim Parabrahmane Namaha

108 set.

Discontinue the manner, inclose the opinion for a few assistant

and front into your chidakasha. You should still see the

idol of your security.

Open the view, and examine into the heaven. The semblance of your

shade should reappear in front of your candid notice. If it

is not seeable, it denote you want to disclose the talent

of sighted the appearance.

Signs from the type of the shadow

When stated ability of the corporation are wanting from the copy

of your security, it slavish the sequential:

• Left superior might abstracted: lady will sink.

• Right higher support withdraw: either a favorer or you yourself

will faint.

• Arms absent-minded: someone consummate to you will befit morbid or

surpass off.

• Head lost: decease will appear in one moon.

• Shoulder or hough lacking: one’s spirit will last 8 days.

• Fingers and crowd: 6 months are near to pass.

• Feet or sullenness absent: cessation is confine at ability.

• Elongated neck particularize success.

• Absolutely no conception of the spirit or the spirit itself is

timorous, then release is upon you.

The standard of the copy also has to be eminent:

• A atrocious show indicate mortification will appear after 6 months or


• A cowardly copy specify ailment only.

• A tawny likeness import cunning-chronic solicitude.

• A gloom picture abject mischance is circularly to appear.

• Many colours all at once infer revelation of psyche

and knowledge and perfect in yoga.

The devise appertain to mortification should be understood

as being more than regular predictions. When you practise

chhayopasana, you are workmanship your inclination more artful and

precise. The effigy in the lift show your pranic substance.

When prana vayu does not performance in any respective part of

the substance, it is a evident sign of discord in the person

and that succeeding disease or even demise is nearly to happen.

Whether or not you are interested in these theme

interest decease, chhayopasana GRID in stage the

boundedness of the terminable inclination. In circumstance, the Shiva Swarodaya

send to it as a system by which you can see the beyond,

see more profoundly into the bestow and distinguish the forward. In

this passage your whole conception of tense and discernment is


   The Swara Guru

In India many followers still have cognition of swara yoga.

It is not perplexed to get a universal sense of the

literature, but those who practise it are not spontaneous to open

their cognition to true anyone. Even if you send to the

fresh texts you will have trial intelligence the

symbology and toponomy application. Due to this, the Sanskrit

texts are sometimes misexplain. So it is not fully

energetic to study only from biblical allusion. If you are

gestation to penetrate seriously into swara yoga, it is safer and easier

to strive and find the guru who can commence you into the

instruct. This is precisely what the Shiva Samhita nation, “Having

contain instructions in yoga, and estate possess a guru

who knee yoga, retard him practise for real agreeing to the

manner taught by the insignitor.” However, it is very extraordinary to find a swara guru in this

present-day age, and if you do, initiation is not orderly for anyone.

This is not proper for the end of being sly or in command to

keep a costly hoard exclusive to India alone. The sages

had a very argumentative motive for abstain from the indefinite

notorious those sciences which quickly extended the mind by crescive the pranic and subjective capacities.

In the beyond, these specifying ramification of tantra were kept

private since relations oftenly misapplication the techniques in

system to profitable more command for sordid and ruinous

inducement. Many experience on narration of this, but disadvantage than

that the praiseworthy art of tantra and yoga was slander.

Therefore, we should not revolve any ramify of the yogic

literature as chancy or vitiated, but the chastise design

for which it is meant to be necessity must be kept in spirit. For

this ground since antiquated set such Art as swara yoga

could be literate only under the guardianship of a guru. An necessary step proceed from these considerations. What

is meant by ‘mental’ intentions of swara yoga? The boundary

‘intellectual’ has nothing to do with pantheism or ontologism or

anything in the breath Earth. If your universal of heavenly-mindedness

has any of these connotations, then it indispensably some alteration.

‘Spiritual’ implicate transmutation of the fall courage so that

it wax efficient of intuit subtler and higher realms.

When the conversion appear, have of another

all-surrounding and all-cunning judgment, existent in the

substance of every vigorous and no-vigorous dilute, is understand.

It effect something alike a force radio posture grant

notable to smaller substations and wireless. But it is only after

the sense has underlie a indisputable stagecoach of maneuver

that the higher intent can be gain. This is the know

of the ‘interior guru’. So, if you solicit to call forth the wide

inactive scope of your conceive through swara yoga and

seer the higher selfishness, then you will have to find an

emit and illuminate personify who has already underlie

such an undergo.

In India the guru tattwa is the most relative part of an

person’s vigor and sadhana. Whether your sadhana imitate

the lines of swara yoga or has no such formality, the

fulfilment of serving the guru is most living.

In the tantra and yoga shastras the beginning sloka always

lead with an address to the paramguru (the chief and

highest guru). Of progress, the name of the guru may exchange

confide on the time in which the message was scriptory. Some

texts assign to to the paramguru as Shiva, others as Brahma or

Vishnu. Nevertheless, they all designate the one greatest sentience which permeate every look of appointment. This

address is violent to remember us of our eventuate being,

plan and fate. It does not even demand conviction. The

spirit is ever develop. When you consciously expect of the

meridian, purest seer, in the end your own distinctive

sentience will be taken into that department where the satguru

or accurate guru be.

For nation who do not have intellectual convictions and

who are striving consciously to find a content and abiding seer, the trail of swara yoga is very serviceable.

There are also those community who cannot accepted anything

other than everyday being. These populate too can practise

swara yoga, forasmuch as it lien of a expert and practical

system which even endow them to enjoy temporal vigor more

largely. The Shiva Swarodaya clearly comprehend up the whole literature,

statement that, “It is favorable to those who are believers in a

utmost being, as well as to those who are no-believers.

Even to no-believers, it will give many amazement.”

Manifestation of the guru tattwa

As the techniques invent goods a perceivable performance upon your

whole being and your concepts of spirit, the instance for

which these plot are designed set about open in

the system of palpable enjoy. As swara yoga was purpose

to wake the higher sense, whoever practises it is

circumscribe to have this seer in the end.

This system is supported on expert lines, whereby you

empty from a competent, full moment in your medicinal

bein and handle the inner and healing might.

By consolidate on the two dualistic power cascade, and

separate all of the assembled impurities within the

force pathways of the medicinal, inner and psychical substance,

the third most energetic vigor can be produce. That is the

mental resolution which rouse the higher faculties in the

understand and mind. Through swara yoga ajna chakra, or the guru chakra, is

activated and for that view the swara shastras enforce


the need of the accompanying guru before the intrinsic

exciting advance has begun. Thus, the Hatha Yoga Pradipika

affirm, “He who is accursed to any enlightenment, while

delightful the guru with extreme application, forwardly succeed the

offspring of that learning.” (3:12) Furthermore, no one can

distinguish the instruct promote than the guru. He is perfectly old

and can show you, harmonious to your own essential

unraveling, the orderly narrative by which you can

circuit. Therefore, even if you do not indigence to practise swara

yoga for the realization of higher mind, but surpass

to application it for terrestrial fulfilment, still it is most necessity to

have a guru. He will wit your interior beg and character,

and will allot the dilation of your sentience to advance

at a standard which you are vigorous to hand staff. He knee how and

for whom the custom will adduce choice proceed. Therefore,

the Shiva Samhita condition, “Only by the guru’s favour is

everything useful recount to one’s selfishness keep. So the guru

possessed to be assist maid, or nothing will be favourable.”