The five levels of awareness that cover actual Self, are known as Koshas. Each layer is thought to bring the individual closer to oneness with the universe and the true Self as it is discovered. The koshas are described in the Upanishads as a five-layer system of awareness, It begins with the physical body, and makes its journey inwards to the inner self.

Yoga practise leads to a greater understanding of one’s self through the koshas that make up one’s being, bringing one closer to the ultimate Self.

The three bodies that encompass the five koshas in yoga philosophy are the physical body, the subtle body, and the causal body.

The Taittiriya Upanishad has cited the example of the koshas throughout its length. We are encompassed by five koshas. They are-






These koshas form an integral part of how balance works in our life. Actually, they are the reason behind the existence of balance in our lives. When you are able to align all of these together, any negative aspects of your life would not be able to impact you beyond healing. Excessive stress can negatively impact the koshas.

.1. The annamaya kosha means the physical body. It entails all that we are commonly acquainted with and can feel regularly like our muscles, skin, etc.

2. Breath is termed the pranamaya kosha. If you feel short of breath, your prana faces inconsistency. Your body starts going back to a state of calm, only after you can smooth out your prana.

3. The manomaya kosha pertains to your mind. So, if you experience hyperactivity of your mind, then your manomaya kosha suffers as it has the responsibility of shaping your thought process

4. The intellect or vijnanamaya kosha introduces and brings us closer to our intuition and conscience. It runs deep and forms the reflective aspect of yourself.

5. Often referred to as the anandamaya kosha which further means bliss, this layer entails all that keeps you going, makes your life joyous.

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