7 Benefits of self publishing – why you should go for it

girl-with-a-book-photo-shot“Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do”

-Jim Rohn

If you are born to be successful, you should not let people tell you otherwise. India gives birth to thousands of new-fangled authors every day and those with determination, go a long way. Generally, if you have started with writing, you would inevitably choose to go for the coveted traditional publishing option because it has been around for a long time. But, mind you. There would always be more authors than publishing houses. So, why waste your years in a wild goose chase and getting your ideas rejected time and again, when you can be your own publisher? Yes, self-publishing is that platform that can lend wings to your dreams. Let us tell you why.

  1. Traditional Publishers often do not entertain first-timers – First of all, traditional publishers generally take interest in writers from an established background and who write about stuff that appeals to masses. You may not even have a chance for a meeting with the editor if you are not a successful and known-face already. If somehow, you manage to make past those barriers, you may be asked to cut down on your creative work to suit the norms of the publishing house. With self-publishing, you can be anyone from a high-school student engaging in fantasy write-ups to a retired army general penning down his memoirs to be able to publish your book, provided your content is good enough.
  2. Self-publishing is the best options for books with niche subjects – Secondly, you can’t write about all that is under the sun, if you approach a traditional publisher. If your book contains controversial content that hits at society beyond a comfortable belt, your work would be straight-away rejected. In case your manuscript deals with a subject that might appeal to only a selective group of readers, or if it contains research data, self-publishing would be the smartest way to do your thing. Traditional publishing houses tend to play safe in this league as they wouldn’t want their names to be involved in any sort of political, social or religious muddles. By choosing self publishing in India you would be freeing yourself from any such restrictions.
  3. Total control of author over production – In case of self-publishing you would not be asked to slice down or edit portions of the core document for diplomacy’s sake. Traditional publishers also often ask authors to bring down the length of a manuscript, which you may not accede to. There are no such threats with self-publishing. Feel free to be your own publisher and have complete say at all stages of the production process.
  4. Enjoy more royalty on sale of books – The money you would make from the sale of your books, would be enjoyed only up to a minimum fraction by you, in case of traditional publishing. With self-publishing houses like Power Publishers, you can get up to 50% royalty on sale of your books, whereas traditional names would only offer you 5-10% royalty. Thus, in traditional publishing, you would have to wait till your book sells in a humungous number to put money back in your pocket. In self-publishing, you can pick up a great amount of royalty as soon as your book hits a decent sales figure.
  5. Short-print runs allow you to make quick edits – You can make any amount of changes in the next print edition of your book because of the short print-run offered by self-publishing houses. So, feel the liberty to add or subtract credits, names, data and content when your book goes for re-print.
  6. Freedom to withdraw your book any time – If due to any reason you want to take your book off the market, you can always do that in case of self-publishing. You won’t have to get into hassles with your publisher about the ‘whats’ and ‘whys’.
  7. Options to choose affordable publishing packages – Lastly, if you are wondering how to publish a book in India in a humble budget, self-publishing giants like Power Publishing have a range of packages laid out to suit your publishing requirements as well as your pocket! Choose an affordable package today and be the season’s next best-selling author with the help our incredible services and complete assistance.

With so many benefits lurking around the self-publishing option, it would be foolish to look anywhere else. Power Publishers is a renowned name in the industry and have been the support behind many first-time talents finding their voice and name on print. Get to us and embrace the stardom that your talent deserves!