7 unique services Power Publishers offers, which no other self publishing company offers


By Anupriya Dutta (Chief Editor, Power Publishers)

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream”

– Les Brown

If you have a dream to make people sit up and read your powerful and soul-stirring words, you have self-publishing companies always willing to get you there. Power Publishers is one of the pioneers of self-publishing in India and have taken publishing to an altogether different level. As an ISO 9001-2008 certified Indian company, it has been the name and platform behind several nationally as well as internationally acclaimed writers today.

So, what truly makes Power Publishers a unique and upbeat self-publishing organization, is its eclectic and smart approach towards broadening the scope and scale of literature and art in the land of literary gems like Rabindranath Tagore, Munshi Premchand, Sarojini Naidu and Satyajit Ray. Take a quick look at a 7 dynamic services offered by the organization.

  1. Book to Audio Book – For the first time in India, Power Publishers has introduced a book-to-audio-book service where you can breathe life into your story by adding background score, character voices, music and sounds to narrate your story to people who would rather listen than read.
  2. Book to comicbook – Is your story dealing with supercops, or larger than life heros, or deadly villains? Then why keep it confined behind printed letters, when you can get your story illustrated by a team of professionally trained illustrators and artists adding flesh and blood to your characters!
  3. Short story to film – With the internet going crazy over 10 minute and 2 minute films that leave a lasting impact on your mind, your short story couldn’t have been born in a better time. Power Publishers will arrange for professional actors, locations and directors to get a short film adapted from your short story.
  4. Book to screenplay – The Harry Potter series turned into a bigger sensation, only after it was adapted on screen. If you believe your novel has the potential to be made into a feature film, Power Publishers has got the industry’s best screenplay writers lined up for you.
  5. Ad film making – With the era of smart ads educating people about products of varied ranges, you are all set to grab eyeballs towards your company or product as soon as your limited budget, but professionally executed ad-film hits the screens!
  6. Video book trailer– Think word-of-mouth would be enough to promote your book? Not with the deluge of people turning to serious writing with each passing day. Power Publishers offers video book trailers to its authors to help them promote their upcoming title on social media platforms like Youtube, Facebook and Twitter. Get a book trailer made by them and share it among your friends and relatives to spread the word with minimum effort!
  7. Book launch event organizing– Power Publishers offers a book launch event package too for people who are looking forward to publish a book in India. There you can have celebrated people talk about your book and the media covering segments of the event. Next, you would find yourself signing copies for fans!

Self publishing in India is therefore the century’s most unique and uninhibited way of proclaiming your gift and getting read about by millions of bibliophiles! Intellectual stardom is not elusive anymore.