Power Publishers New Release: The Pindari Lover

The-Pindari-Lover_Front-CoverThe Pindari Lover edited by Kylas Chunder Dutt

Genre: Biography, Pages: 384, Binding: Paperback, Language: English, ISBN: 978-93-84334-42-0

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This book is a tribute to Kylas Chunder Dutt (1817-1859), the first Indian writer of fiction and original narrative in English. It puts on record the archival discovery of the lost writings of Kylas, an eighteen year old student of Hindu College in the mid-nineteenth century. These writings were found in the pages of invaluable volumes of The Hindu Pioneer, of which Kylas was the first editor. They were penned within a span of seven months, between September 1835 and March 1836. All facts and figures, original documents, letters, books and notations reproduced here are a part of the editor`s heritage.