Author interview: Author Mayur Agrawal talks about his book ‘The Equations of Destiny’-News in IBNS

Author interview: Author Mayur Agrawal talks about his book 'The Equations of Destiny'
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Author interview: Author Mayur Agrawal talks about his book ‘The Equations of Destiny’

India Blooms News Service | @indiablooms | 28 May 2018

For someone who could not even attempt essay writing during examinations, becoming a published writer, is definitely a quirk of destiny says Mayur Agrawal.

Congratulations on the release of ‘The Equations of Destiny’. How would you like to describe your process of completing the book and finally having it published?

I had never thought of writing a book or becoming a writer. But as the title of my book says, ‘The Equations of Destiny’, I think my destiny has pushed me to become one.

In school, I always feared writing an essay of even 200 words; during exams,I was used to leave it unattended.

And, then writing a book of thousands words is hard to believe.

In my life, I have missed many opportunities as it was not destined for me and also I got some opportunities where I thought I’m not suitable for it.

So, I have experienced various shades of destiny in my life and I firmly believe in it.

The book, ‘The Equations of Destiny’, began to take shape after a random thought came to my mind.  I preserved that thought and continuously worked on it over the years.

When I started writing this book, I had a plot for only first two to three chapters and I too didn’t know how the story will follow and what will be it’s end. I trusted my inner instinct and kept writing it and successfully completed it.

Fortunately, ‘The Equations of Destiny’ is getting published now.

What kind of support did you receive during the process of writing the book?

While writing this book, it was difficult to convince myself that I can write a book.

Whenever I was in dilemma during the process of writing the book, my family has always motivated me to complete the book. My elder brother was a great support and helped me with editing the book and giving honest feedback, though he was too busy with his duties. Also, whenever I spoke about it with my friends and colleagues, they motivated me to publish the book and said they would definitely like reading it.

What kind of books do you enjoy reading?

My reading choice is never restricted to any particular genre. I like variety. I like mystery, suspense, simple romance story, motivational books etc. When I was in college, I had read a book “If you think you can” and it greatly affect my life. It inspired me to think on whatever I wish from my life.

What kind of readers are you trying to reach out to through the book?

The book, ‘The Equations of Destiny’, is a story of college students and it tells how destiny unfold its secrets and surprises over the period of their life. It also teaches about reality of life. So, teenagers, students, youngsters, in fact people of all age groups will enjoy reading it. As this book gives a tour of realities of life, it is also a motivational one.

Are you writing anything next?

Yes. I’m working on my next book. Apart from this, my film story has qualified for the “India’s Storytellers Contest 2017-2018 – CINESTAAN” and I’m working on writing it’s script/screenplay submission due on June 30, 2018. Expecting to win the contest.