Baby Boo

Baby Boo

Again that baby’s laughter echoed clearly in my house, disturbing the tranquility that was only possible in the dead of the night. I took a huge gulp of my whiskey and grumbled…..“Shut up, you evil spawn.”

It did not stop even after I showed my anger and it kept laughing at me.

Today her laughter felt even more sharp and sarcastic. I disclosed about it to a friend. He laughed saying, “Who doesn’t like the sound of a baby’s laughter?”

Well I don’t. Since the time my wife gave birth to that rascal. My father told me never to believe a woman. He said, “Son never believe any daughters of Lilith,” and then he had emptied the entire frustration on that bitch of mother, when she tried to run away from him. So, I like my father as he always wanted a son but alas!! That demon ruined my life. So, I did what my father taught me, got rid of them.

The clock struck 3, ding ding ding. And this time the laughter does not end, it keeps going on and on and I feel a pair of ice cold hands clamped around my neck.

by Manali Dey