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Book Review: He Owned My Crush, a story about love and friendship


Book Review: He Owned My Crush, a story about love and friendship
‘He Owned My Crush’ by Mayur Sahare seems like a love triangle but not quite. The book is about the journey of three friends: Dhruv, Niharika, and Siddharth (Sid), who go through a lot of struggle for the sake of friendship and love in this bitter, selfish world.
Sid and Dhruv have been best friends since ages. What happens when a girl comes in between the two friends?
Dhruv falls for Niharika when they become friends. Will Niharika accept Dhruv? Niharika gets attracted to Siddharth. But will Siddharth accept her?
The plot then sees the entry of another girl Tanisha, the sister of Niharika, who gives a life lesson to Dhruv.
In these times, when relationships are made and broken easily, will Dhruv find his true love? Who will be the one to sacrifice his or her love?
The narrative is in the first person, where the narrator is Dhruv.
He reminisces about his childhood days, how he met Niharika, and how the three of them — Niharika, Siddharth and he — bonded in a magical friendship.
However, the story takes many tragic turns when the characters develop feelings for one another. The foundation of their friendship is shaken by some serious developments in the story.
The book celebrates the themes of love and friendship. The narrative is filled with pathos and joy.
The story begins interestingly where the narrator is seen to relate to his old school friend Ritesh about what had transpired between the three friends in the last few years.
At the end, there is an epilogue where the narrator finishes his account and gets back to the present time.
The readers will be taken through a roller coaster of emotions, where one can relate the incidents with one’s own life.
Most of the narration has been done in an informal tone and makes it easy for readers to connect with the story and relate it with their lives.
The climax of the story unfolds when we find that Dhruv, the narrator, gets his true love, Niharika, whom he had loved since they met at school. At present, he is seen to be a father of two adorable babies and the loving husband to his beautiful wife, Niharika. They share a wonderful life together. They share a beautiful relationship because they are bonded eternally in friendship.
The narration ends with the three friends bonding together and enjoying their lives as ever with no regrets of their past.
The novel explores the web of relations and the depth of emotions of each character. It helps us realize that with true love and lasting friendship, even the worst of situations can be tackled.
Sticking together in good and bad times is what constitutes the pillar of friendship and love.
(Reviewed by Sukanya Sur)