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Book review: ‘Through a Prism’, a collection of short stories

NITN | @notintownlive | 18 Apr 2018

Book review: 'Through a Prism', a collection of short stories

‘Through a Prism’ by Iona Banerjee is a collection of beautiful and inspiring short stories, which will make you feel light and bright from the very beginning.

Once again, Power Publishers has brought forth an interesting book, especially if you are in a mood for a quiet evening.

The short stories are based on emotions and experiences that the author has undergone.

The short stories are calm and soothing just like rain in the summer.

Talking about the language, the book is written in a simple and understandable language.

This book will surely seek the interest of the readers because of its unique concept.

‘Through a Prism’ reveals a unique path to joy and happiness. Banerjee’s writing is fresh and inspiring.

Every short story has a short message for the reader.

It is the art of storytelling that makes this book standout in the crowd.

The book will be shortly available at and flipkart.

(Reviewd by  Poonam Chatterjee)