How running Flipkart and Amazon advertisements can promote your book

fipkart vs amazonOnce you book is out in print, there is no way you can start cashing in if it simply lies around the corner. Obviously, you must have started your share of promotional activities right from the time your manuscript was in pre-press, but with the era turning competitive with each passing fortnight, widespread advertising has to follow aggressive promotion to make things work in your favour. This is where Power Publishers is your one-stop destination. We are a global brand-name when it comes to giving you attractive covers and contemporarily designed books, but our promotional services, like advertising in flipkart and amazon, have the potential to help you taste success with your published work, like never before.

So, why take the unconventional route when we can easily advertise in newspapers and magazines? Well, first of all, advertising in newspaper has become pricier and returns are not as expected. We can always get a nice and fancy ad of your book printed in leading dailies, but you cannot be sure that readers would sit back and take notice. Newspapers are good when you are trying to reach out to middle-aged readers (even though we are witness to tech-savvy 50 year olds, nowadays!). But, if you are trying to look for a young reader base that have their eyesights working and are always on the go, advertising in popular online platforms like flipkart and amazon can get you more benefits. Youngsters and readers flip through these online shopping portals more than they glance through newspaper pages. These sites offer a healthy discount on products and provide them access and information to a large variety of stuff under one roof. So, ads that pop up on those pages are sure to get noticed and click with readers. Once they take interest in the ad for your book, all they will have to do is check the product specification, read the blurb of the book in the product page and click on ‘buy now’. Voila! We have a sale and you have royalty.

These online ads have got flexibility and are affordable compared to newspaper ads. Their success rate is high and everyday re-occurrence acts as a constant reminder to buyers. Moreover, the process is pretty much effortless yet garners more attention. You book a package with us and these advertisement services run complimentary with them. To know more, get in touch with us and we would happy to tell you more about it.