Interview of Author Qasim Khan About his New Book The New Age Marketing

  • Congratulations, Qasim Khan on the release of “The New Age Marketing”. Tell us something about your book. Some highlights or the subject. How is it different from other, earlier books of this genre that released recently?
    “The New Age Marketing” is all about the digital world that we live in today, and how over the past few years everything has transitioned online. Keeping that in mind, “The New Age Marketing” will act as a guide for anyone who wants to learn more about building their presence on an online platform, from scratch! What sets this book apart is that it draws from my own personal experience. As someone who has been in this field since my early-twenties, I want to show people that there is no complicated formula to find success in the digital world. Think of me as a friend sharing some advice through this easy to read and easy to follow book.
  • Tell me something about yourself and your background. We understand that you come from a different profession, but then how do you manage time to write?
    I am Hong Kong born with a bachelor’s degree in film and Animation from Birmingham City University. In 2018, shortly after my graduation, I established by own online production house in Hong Kong. Presently, through different digital platforms, my team and I have partnered with people all around the world to make our vision a reality.
    As a youngster, I was a blooming entrepreneur. Most kids would go to school to study, but I would go and study the demand for different products and services amongst my peers, to earn some extra pocket money. In primary school to high school life, I would reconstruct toys and create beautiful drawing, Sell Games memberships and my classmates would buy them. I sa
    w that teachers would ask students to copy the school rules every time they got into trouble. So, I sat down and copied the school rules hundreds of times and sold them to anyone who needed it. I was eventually old enough to work, and spent the next few years dabbling in multiple jobs, be it in construction, as a labourer, as a waiter, as a shopkeeper, etc.
    Having saved some money, I decided to build something of my own and started Qasim Khan Productions. While setting up the foundation for my production house, I had to maneuverer through all sorts of technicalities: how to start a business, how to register a company, how to market your services. To make sure I was going in the right direction, I was also working for multiple companies to learn about digital marketing and applied some of those skills to my own business.
    Throughout this journey, I was jotting down notes and journaling about my experiences. I decided to compile all my experiences and start writing “The New Age Marketing” to help other people just like me and give them a more concise and accessible way to gain information.
  • What inspires you to write? Who inspired you to become a writer?
    In the initial stages, I struggled a lot to grow my production house starting from zero. Since there was no one to teach me, I had days when I was completely lost. However, I braved on, did intense research, and worked hard to achieve my goals. This is what inspires me to write. I want to share my experiences, my ups and my downs, and tell people that they are not alone. I wrote this book to inspire people to go out and accomplish their dreams of becoming big in the digital world.
    My biggest inspiration to become a writer is myself from four years ago, when I was clueless and full of questions. I write this book as an homage to him.
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  • While there are other books on digital marketing, how is your book unique or different from them? What unique information or topics does your book cover on the topic of digital marketing?
    What makes this book unique is that you have to think of this book as a classmate who allows you to copy their homework. There are comprehensive samples and steps in the book that readers can take and apply to their own situations. I extensively discuss all the recent developments in the world of digital marketing which are not only useful for implementing in a business but also for creating one’s own personal brand.
  • Why is the subject of this book so important in the present day for everyone? Does it have updated latest information on digital marketing?
    The world is becoming increasingly digital, whether it is media, business, education or currency. After the Covid-19 pandemic, majority of sectors have move to working from home. To advance in one’s career or education, one must stay on top of their digital game now more than ever. This book investigates different ways individuals and businesses can make use of ever-advancing technology to solidify their online presence.
  • Tell us about your next or upcoming book.
    My upcoming book will be a cinematographic A to Z on film making. The next book will teach readers about making films for themselves or for clients, generating income, and starting their own production business.
  • Any words of advice from your experience for the upcoming young writers on how to set up their career as an author?
    I will suggest young writers to choose their target audience, figuring out who they are writing for and how readers can benefit from their work. By narrowing down your audience, you will be able to connect with the audience more personally, allowing you to write better.