Introvert – Power Publishers Micro Story Series

By Anjum Baba

I still remember the first day of my school. She came and sat next to me. Nobody chose to play with me. I stood out because of my pale skin. Yes, I am an albino.

Shy and nervous, I sat at the corner. Lucy shared my tiffin. We sat and ate together.

Lucy always forgot to carry her pencil box. She borrowed pencils from me.

She had many friends but always chose to sit with me in the classroom. I was the one who sat with her in the exam hall.

However, on the graduation day, I was not next to her in the group picture.

Now, as I stand outside the bookstore. I see Lucy busy in the author’s seat.

I hold a signed copy of her bestseller. I look at “The Journal of an Introvert,” a piece of me, she had borrowed from me.