How to Make Your Book Fail

flopEvery work of art has the merit and credibility to sell and find receivers globally, provided every little bit of its production and promotion has been scrutinized well and rounded off perfectly. Before you take the next leap and get your book published, you need to have a very clear idea about what might work in favor of your book and what can lead to it’s complete failure.

Dreaming of being India’s next Chetan Bhagat or Amish? You need to get all your bases covered. If you want majority of Indian bibliophilies to read your book and know your work, you need to do more than just write a brilliant story.

Check out the below given points to know what can stop your book from winning the number game.

1. Make your book exceptionally thick – Are you a first time writer? Don’t think you can sell enough books if you are competing with Dan Brown and J.K Rowling in terms of book thickness. Most readers tend to read the blurb on the back cover and put the book back on the shelf, if it’s too thick for them to gobble up. Moreover, thick books are pricier. If you care little about how your book gets received and would rather not stop your pen from whirring lines after lines indecisively, don’t complain if your book sits alone on the shelf!

2. Don’t opt for editing – You are the author and you definitely know what you are writing. But, when it comes to understanding the market and presenting your work in the most reader-friendly way, trust your editor’s insight. Don’t be of the opinion that your work would be asked to scale down or individual writing style compromised with, if you are in the right hands. Trust the feedback and suggestions your editors have to give you and work accordingly. If you are not game, be ready to offend your readers or simply drive them to boredom alley with your book!

3. Don’t promote – Thousands of writers every year enter the ‘author’ pavilion. Yes, it’s pretty much competitive here as well and the only way you can hope to not stick out simply as one of the several published authors, is by promoting your book well and making it a success. You don’t need to start postering on city walls or stand with placards to announce your book, but you can simply talk about it on social media sites or to friends and relatives to create the required buzz. Make it a habit to post something related to your book on Facebook or Twitter every other day, post your’s book’s release. Your publishers can arrange for newspaper advertisements and book launch events at your behest. Do, the drill, be the star!

4. Don’t plan your book release – Have you ever wondered why filmmakers today obsess of festival dates and friday releases of movie? Well, it’s all about being at the right place at the right time. Same goes for your book. Your book might have a niche topic or can simply be a romance, but it does need a specific release date to make the maximum impact. Have a talk with your publishers and release your book on festive occasions like Diwali, or when school vacations start or simply when the annual book fair hits. Passion without smart thinking will leave you far behind in the race. Don’t follow if you are not willing to harbor the rewards of your hard work.