Does your manuscript require partial rewriting? Find out

manuscript-editingYou have the perfect idea for a best-selling novel. Check. You have penned it down to the best of your abilities. Check. But, if you ask us, stardom is still a few feet away if your manuscript has got errors that are anything but basic. Sometimes during the initial stages of reviewing your manuscript, publishers often find that certain manuscripts, though have the merit, but lack in finesse. That is when they ask you to go for a special service called partial rewriting.

What is partial rewriting?

In simple words, partial rewriting refers to improvement of your manuscript through removal of errors in grammar, punctuation and sentence construction. Editors often remove whole lines and replace them with sentences that best fit the mood and structure of the novel. This way, not only your manuscript attains coherence and greater readability, but also appears compact and interesting. However, in the process the author’s individual writing style is never compromised with.

How to find out if your manuscript needs to be partially rewritten?

Power Publishers offers you a very dynamic and affordable partial rewriting service that would not only give your manuscript an edge over your peers, but also would not give critics a chance to point out flaws in the script. Even though our executives are there to guide you through the process and help you get the best customized services to suit your requirements, you can always conduct a check yourself to know whether your manuscript requires partial rewriting. Read the points below to check for yourself.

  • Extra long sentences – While certain novels require sentences that stretch till 3 or more lines, it is not appreciable if every other sentence in your manuscript is very long and is not well punctuated. Readers tend to lose track of the thing that you wish to express, if your sentences roll a mile long.
  • Short and incomplete sentences – Have you cut down your sentences too short that they almost leave a thought incomplete? Short sentences are easy to read, but not if they are half-baked.
  • Use of too many words to express something simple – Hitting a writer’s block is very natural and sometimes author’s do not even realize that they use a cluster of words to express a simple emotion.

    example – The feeling of strong dislike was growing between the two brothers. (11 words)

Simplified – There was growing animosity between the two brothers. (8 words)
Not only are you increasing the pages of your book unnecessarily, but also making your write up long and complicated.

  • Use of controversial sentences – Often authors do not realize but they end up pointing a finger at a political event or important personality, that might go against them in future. Through partial rewriting and language improvement, one can hope to express the same opinions, but in a more subtle and discreet way that would be acceptable to the reader base in general and would not invite any trouble for the author.
  • Not very strong in the language – Often if you are writing a novel in English, but have always been comfortable in languages besides, partial rewriting will improve amateurish areas in the script and will ensure that readers do not get a hint of your weak areas relating to the language. Just because, you are not good in English, does not necessarily mean you have to give up your dream in writing in the language!