Embraced in Love Forever by Manvi Verma

Price : Rs 299, Genre : Romance, Pages : 199, Binding : Paperback, language : English,ISBN :978-93-86526-37-3

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What happens when a guy on a trip with his friends falls in love at first sight with a girl?The place he refused to go once becomes the reason for him to survive after that.
The journey that begins with strangers lands finally to the paradise of pure and sheer love.
Things go well further smoothly.But..in midst of their happiness,god plans something else for both of them.
How would you feel when you can’t tell your feelings for the happiness of your loved ones?And… how worse it becomes when the sacrifice you do to make your loved ones smile makes your own life worse than hell and you can’t even express it..!
However it is said that love conquers everything.But,will their love be able too fight and fight the light through the darkness of evil, hatred and jealousy?
Will they be able to meet irrespective of all boundaries and hurdles of society,tradition , religion and possesiveness?
This musical story of Arjun and Adaa will take you to a voyage of bonding,friendship, love ,courage, sacrifice…Come along to feel the most divine word on earth,the purest form of all feelings called” love”.