Power Publishers first Audiobook Release: Foxy Lady

fl_ab_fc_1Foxy Lady by Geri Hemer

Price: 200.00, Genre: Non-fiction, Content: 1 DVD, Language: English

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Beautiful and brilliant twins Bobbi and Brenda are known to want the same university subject, the same jib and of course the same parents. But to what extent?

Their youth unfolds with unknowing and unexpected twists and turns when they encounter handsome London lawyer Ralf Rae. Ralph chooses one to fall in love with, but has he convinced himself…or either of them or their families? Perhaps not, not when the girl with the all consuming sexuality knows what she wants and how to go about getting it.

That brings about chaos and confusion in more lives than the three protagonists. Where would it end? Would either of them be able to appeal to their inner sense of what is good, as only their individual and collective judgments allow? Or would any one or all of them turn to the darker side of their natures to satisfy themselves?

If only they knew at the start.