Power Publishers New Release: Achena Mukher Chena Chobi

Front_Cover_Achena_MukhAchena Mukher Chena Chobi by Biswajit Bose

Price: ₹ 126.00, Genre: Non-fiction, Pages: 95, Binding: Paperback, Language: Bengali, ISBN: 978-93-84923-46-4

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Family albums come up from the need to preserve family memories. Some pictures and photographs remind us how our emotions are connected with the environment. That is memory. Remain preserved in the mind and warn us too.
My father wanted me to get certificates from the university. My free choice be society; let that form the heart of my choice for subjects. Answer-sheets would be my philosophy of life.
My choice of reading kept changing like this. My nerves started sending my education and new experiences to my bank of memories. My creative philosophy of life took shape. The source is the mystery of life of the universe.
Life, death and marriage are governed by God. We are too weak to control these events. With these, the almighty handed over the veena; along with it, several creative musical ideas.
Nature, through change of seasons, bring about changes in me and my world.


My creative mind expanded beyond the chains of logic and spread beyond the horizon.