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And So Can You!And So Can You! by Dr Roopleen

Price : Rs. 360, Pages : 269, Genre : Medical, Guidebook, Non – Fiction, Language : English, Binding : Paperback, ISBN No. : 9789386526786.

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“And So Can You!” is a collection of 17 inspirational success stories of doctors who struggled with challenges, braved obstacles, and made it through because they believed they had a dream to fulfil and a mission to accomplish.
The stories behind the lives of these successful doctors. The journeys they embarked on. The guiding factors that drove them along the long and arduous journey.
What motivated them to work hard and how they made it despite facing numerous challenges. These are the stories of dedication and perseverance. A journey of self – belief and faith, of hard work and commitment.
The book unravels the secrets – why these doctors are where they are today. How they succeeded in accomplishing their life goals.