Power Publishers New Release: Anglo-Indian Fiction: A Brief Outline

anglo-indian-fiction_front-cover_1Anglo-Indian Fiction: A Brief Outline by I. H-Shihan

Price: 555, Genre: Non-Fiction, Pages: 363, Binding: Paperback, Language: English, ISBN: 978-93-85524-88-2

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Anglo-Indian Fiction: A Brief Outline undertakes to offer a concise account of the works of fiction written by Anglo-Indian writers – the British/European expatriates and their progeny who lived in India as part of the British colonial venture. This book covers a period from 1780 to 2011. Since Bhupal Singh’s Survey(1934) no sequential and/or comprehensive work on British India fiction has been attempted so far; albeit some colonial/postcolonial scholars have often frequented this sub-genre for critical studies on a few specific aspects. This outline has an introduction, six chapters, conclusion, appendices and a broad bibliography. Major individual writers are discussed under three heads – [1] biographical information, [2] treatment of major literary works and [3] key notes, etc.