Power Publishers New Release: How to Become a Legend

how-to-become-a-legend_front-cover_v1How to Become a  Legend by ANAMAY SHASTRI

Price: 70.00, Genre: Self-help, Pages: 43, Binding: Paperback, Language: English

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“HOW TO BECOME A LEGEND” :secretes of high performance and massive success' is completely based on scientific research on why some people achieve great success. What is the difference between those who performs at the best and those who do poorly .This book shows how you can condition your mind and train your body to perform at your best and achieve your wildest dreams. In first two chapters you will get to know how to transform your dream into goals and how to develop your skills to become reach top 1% performers at your chosen field. Further you will get to know the lies society have sold you and how great achievers make their work look easy. You will get to know how Legends of every field seduce the people into believing what they do is easy and natural.

You will learn about how to make your own luck using power of gratitude and how your body and mind responses when you truly feel grateful. This book is made to transform you into a massive achiever and high performer. It gives you practical exercise to work on and improve.