Power Publishers New Release: THE BESTSELLER

The_Best_Seller_Front_CoverTHE BESTSELLER by Nidra Naik

Price: 399.00, Genre: Fiction, Pages: 249, Binding: Paperback, Language: English, ISBN: 978-93-85892-95-0

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Saga 1: Two estranged hearts…distanced by time and decision. One makes the move to unite but the other moves on. Hope of Love still lingers on.

Saga 2: A happy go lucky girl, with a mediocre lifestyle but soulful dreams. Dreams come true but with a soul! Hope gets answered.

Saga 3: An ideal father with a hope of an ideal son. Son gradually becomes the sunshine. Hope supersedes all expectation.

Saga 4: A step-mother’s genuine affection with a step-son’s decreed hatred. Hope of time corrodes sadness.

Saga 5: Young love with unsaid promises. Sometimes keeping quiet brings in complication. Hope withers.

Saga 6: The Hero of the story, struggles, snuggles his dream of publishing a book. But his pride is saved by the anti-hero. Hope is humane.

The Best Seller of six types of Hope glued in together.