Beyond the Fog by Pratibha Johri

Price : Rs 200, Genre: Fiction, Page : 132, Binding: Paperback, Language: English, ISBN : 978-93-86526-21-2

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Beyond the Fog’ is a collection of stories that depict the prevalent problems in society. Though the incidents and characters in the stories are imaginary and fictitious, but they are so close to real life that you might feel as if you have met them are perhaps know them from a very personal angle. The story ‘Singed Petals’ is the abject helplessness of a poor child, while we cry ourself hoarse over child labour laws. ‘Mask’ is about the male misdemeanour and sexual exploitation of women in the society, where ‘Beyond the fog’ is based on to-day’s drug problem and it’s fatal attraction to the youth. Some of the stories pertain to the high seas where I have spent innumerable months on the ship with my master mariner husband. I have seen the sea at close hands. Sometimes in its tranquil brilliance and sometimes in it’s fury. These stories are completely different from our mundane land lubber tales that readers will find fascinating.