Power Publishers New Release: Café Commoners

cafe-commonersCafé Commoners by Ritwik Mukherjee

Genre: Fiction, Pages: 163, Binding: Paperback, Language: English, ISBN: 978-1-4828-7155-5

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Diary writing has moved a long way from being discrete entries arranged by date and reporting on the events of the day gone by (originally in hand-written format), to blogs and vlogs (video blogs) on social media. Café, possibly, hasn’t. French philosopher founded Café-Philo with the objective of bringing people together in a public friendly forum where they could discuss ideas, share experience and thoughts on wide ranging issues in a relaxed atmosphere. The idea clearly was and still is to add a dash of fun and excitement to the discussion. Here at such cafés, ideas exchanged are still in the spirit of tolerance and openness. Like any other true and quintessential Bengali, Ritwik also loves to join such relaxed and widely diverse conversations among friends and like-minded people, often called adda. And believe you me, such addas would refresh, refuel and rejuvenate you. They would also offer some food for thoughts. Café Commoners is a compilation of such food for thoughts, narrated in the spirit of adda. These are leafs out of a common man’s diary, albeit without date, time and chronology and recollected later in tranquility. Who says life is to be seen in black & white? What can be more colourful than life? “Café Commoners” seeks to discover or re-discover these colours in black & white.