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charming-bengalCharming Bengal by Anup Kumar Ghosh

Price: 100.00, Genre: Poetry, Pages: 69, Binding: Paperback, Language: English, ISBN: 978-93-84334-70-3

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Jibanananda Das (17.2.1899-22.10.1954) was born at Barisal. Satyananda was his father. His mother was Kusumkumari. His profession was to teach in a college. He is considered the best poets of the post-Rabindranath era. His love for Bengal, Rituals of Bengal, mythological trees, paddy field, local festivals find a prominent place in the poems of ‘Rupasi Bangla’. His perception and keen response to all these festivals, rituals myths have made these poems too much alive and would infect every reader whoever reads these poems even for once.
Anup Kumar Ghosh has tried to translate these poems into a kind of prose, which borders on the language of poetry and justifies the mood and aura found in the original compositions.