Power Publishers new release :Chimera

Chimera by Baani Pasrija

Price: Rs 160, Pages : 49, Genre : Fiction, Binding : Paperback, ISBN : 978-93-86526-82-3

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“We’re all a chaos of truth entangled in a mess of lies.”An imagination uses your brain; a hallucination uses a brain of itself. Is love existent or is it just the point where imagination and hallucination meet? Zachary’s life was normal, until an unforgettable incident shook his life to its roots. Schizophrenia has turned his living into surviving, his love into destiny and most importantly, his existence into mayhem. With the hormones dropping in, the butterflies frolicking, and the inability to make up his mind, will Zachary be able to survive a troubled and an intense adolescence? Explore the journey of a schizophrenic teenager who struggles to live his life. A Young Adult Fiction packed with deep emotions and a hint of teenage drama is right in front of you.