Power Publishers New Release: The Eyes and The Voice

the-eyes_and_the_voice_front_coverThe Eyes and The Voice by Naved Khaishagi

Price: 299.00, Genre: Horror, Pages: 229, Binding: Paperback, Language: Hindi, ISBN: 978-93-85892-27-1

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This story as clear from the title is based on the protagonists’ eyes and the voice,where the girl is blessed with beautiful green eyes and the boy has an addictive voice but its not all what you think it is,the moment you think you know what’s happening would be the moment the story takes a steep turn and will leave you craving for more.Its a nerve wrecking love story which has it all and more.From true love to greed,money,hatred,betrayal,revenge and death in it,its a story of eternal love that doesn’t end with death.Its about reincarnation and beyond,every love story is beautiful but not all love stories are fairly tales,sometimes its the suffering that makes the love unforgettable,maybe its one of those stories.