Power Publishers New Release: Flight of the Phoenix

978-93-85892-36-3_mainFlight of the Phoenix by H. L. Agnihotri

Price: ₹ 550.00, Genre: Fiction, Pages: 372, Binding: Paperback, Language: English, ISBN: 978-93-85892-36-3

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A unique autobiography of an Indian author that can play light-house and the Pole Star for those ships which are wavering and struggling for reaching the shore in the uprising seas of life. This is an interesting life-journey and an incredible but true life narrative that speaks of the unique man he is; who with his indomitable courage and patience suffered heavy blows of cruel times but never bowed down to them. Storms and whirlwinds came and passed over his head with their hollow roars, proving him rightly true to the dictum, From cabin to the white house.