POWER PUBLISHERS NEW RELEASE :From Wonderland to Reality

From Wonderland to Reality by Dipeeta Das Mukherjee

Price : Rs 139, Pages : 94, Genre : Biography, Binding: Paperback, Language : English, ISBN : 9789386526465

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Losing her mom at the age of four, the author had to walk through a lot of transformation at a time when most kids play with their mothers and fathers.There is a very pertinent discussion on parent-child dilemma, and very handly points about being street-smart at all levels. Environmental, social and gender-based problems have been discussed at length, with illustrations, and possible solutions. Issues about choosing right friends have also been discussed in details through real-life stories. Any reference to any person, living or dead, is purely coincidental. With general socio-economic changes that the world is going through at the moment, this book can be used not only as an inspiration and motivation for kids, but also is a great confidence-builder for every one, especially the young ladies.