Power Publishers New Release: GST – Plan For Your Future Tax Journey Now

GST Front_Cover_v1GST – Plan For Your Future Tax Journey Now by Arvind Kumar & Kirit Goyal

Price: 250.00, Genre: Guidebook, Pages: 146, Binding: Hardcover, Language: English, ISBN: 978-93-85892-53-0

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GST Plan Your Future Tax Journey Now!
Do you know that the Goods & Services Tax (GST) can help you reduce your supply chain costs by 30%!
Do you know what changes your IT systems will need to undergo after GST is implemented?
Do you know how your industry would be affected by GST?
Do you know what points you will have to lobby with the GST council, till the creases in the new regime ironed out?
Even if you know all the above, do you know how to achieve them practically?
This is exactly what the book will give you guidelines about. It is a step by step procedure of what and how you can reduce your supply chain costs, change IT systems, understand the changes to your industry and then work with the authorities.
The book is written in simple format, easy to understand by professionals and laymen alike. The methods suggested have actually been used by organizations to improve efficiency.
The book brings the experience of many years of formulation of GST policy and supply chain optimization together, presented to the user in a ready to use format.