Power Publishers New Release: Love, Loss and Everything in Between

love-loss-front_cover_v1Love, Loss and Everything in Between by Pankti Agarwal

Price: 180.00, Genre: Fiction, Pages: 92, Binding: Paperback, Language: English, ISBN: 978-93-85892-75-2

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A girl loved a boy and he loved her back..and they lived “Happily Ever After.” This is not what happens always. Fairy tales exist in books and movies only. In real life love just has to turn into hate. One fine day.
There’s a guy in my school who doesn’t know I exist. He doesn’t even know my name. But, I think about him all the time and all I ever wished was him to feel my presence…at least once. But, Wait! He already had a girlfriend.
Will Samaira understand that it is sometimes better to be someone’s shot of champagne than a daily cup of tea?
Will Ruhan ever know that for Samaira, he was her dream boy, A prince charming?