Power Publishers New Release: Mom, I Hate Maths

Mom I Hate MathsMom, I Hate Maths by Dr K.B. Subramaniam

Price: 190.00, Genre: Guidebook, Pages: 177, Binding: Paperback, Language: English, ISBN:978-93-85524-34-9

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It is a Mathematical Novel (not for Mathematicians). It is a semi fiction. The story is about a girl named Tiklik who hates Mathematics. Kartik, a retired Maths Professor takes up the challenge to change her attitude and he succeeds to the extent that she eventually starts loving maths. How could Kartik achieve this is what this book reveals. This book is neither a textbook nor is a workbook. It is also not a book on Mathematics Education. But certainly students, teachers, teacher educators, and even parents would find it quite useful. The book is written in dialogue mode.