Power Publishers new release : Odes to the Woman in Vermillion

Odes to the Woman in VermillionOdes to the Woman in Vermillion by James L Baumann

Price : Rs. 800, Pages: 53, Genre : Poetry, Language : English, Binding : Paperback, ISBN No. : 9789384335045.

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J. L. Baumann has wide range of work in many genres and styles, but Odes to the Woman in Vermillion, a
poetical collection that beckons the mind to succumb to the heart, has been described as “superb.”
Enjoying world-wide distribution, whether a novel, documentary, short story, or collection of poetry, his
empathetic revelations of a mind’s struggle to define its own reality in the face of the intangible concept
of love and beauty, is constantly at play. “Even the tragic can be beautiful,” he provocatively submits.