Power Publishers New Release: Pauses That Survived

978-93-85892-66-0_mainPauses That Survived by Dr. Vaskar Chakraborty

Price: 280.00, Genre: Poetry, Pages: 128, Binding: Paperback, Language: English, ISBN: 978-93-85892-66-0

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At any point in time, we exist as a confluence of the past and present, metamorphosing constantly to keep up with the transforming world at large. Poetry is the easel where this ever meandering time comes to little pauses. It is where we meet ourselves at the cross-roads of emotions ranging from nostalgic yearnings to the angst of living and reflect on the world beyond mutations. We exist in the daily wear and tear but we live in these little pauses.The beauty of poetry also lies in the fact that the pauses often speak louder through their silence than the actual words. Through these verses, I invite you to a cathartic journey into these pauses where we can together share, smile, and scream out of mundane mortal boundaries.