Power Publishers New Release: Propose with a Pen

Front_Cover_Propose_with_a_Pen_posterPropose with a Pen by Mukulika Basu

Genre: Fiction, Pages: 289, Binding: Paperback, Language: English, ISBN: 978-93-86526-07-6

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Madhurima is a girl who is studying for her Master degree and is waiting for her true love. One day she finds her love, Rahul. Rahul belongs from a different community and social status. Madhurima is over emotional and sometimes faces problems because of this very reason. However, she is always helpul towards her friends and helps them solve their problems. Madhurima and Rahul both belong from liberal-minded families and so their parents agree to their relationship almost readily. Finally after facing their share of ups and downs in their relationship and life, they get a happy married life but ‘Propose with a Pen’ is not only story about Madhurima. It is story about young boys and girls and the social problems they face. It shows a picture of different thinking..