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The Real Theory of Atom Vol 1 by Pallab Biswas

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1) electron, proton, neutron and all other stable, unstable and composite particles don’t stay full of
real one charge of universe, it stay the positive ring charge in centre and negative charge ring of
above for that every particle is freedom.
(2)In the atom proton has much of positive ring, electron has much of negative charge and neutron
has equal charge. All the particle of universe have this type of unequal charge.
(3)For the unequal charge of universe changes their ring but can not the equal charge on change of
ring without some unstable particles.
(4)For making the bond, the atom makes the bridge for change of ring by using election. If the
quantity of ring becomes rise, the making bridge become low.
(5)In every atomic centre has a particle named" Supreme Atom" that keep the balance of mass,
energy and change of ring.
(6)Every particle radiate another ring particle for the unequal charge with wave for that make a
electromagnetic field.
Corollary :
(1)Unstable particles have born for the change of stable particles.
(2)The new Super heavies is created by adding or going of the ring.