Power Publishers New Release: Relate Your Relationship

relate-your-relationship-front_coverRelate Your Relationship by Santosh Parab

Price: 125.00, Genre: Self-help, Pages: 78, Binding: Paperback, Language: English, ISBN: 978-93-84334-07-9

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Relationship management skills can be an asset. Skills in this area can improve your interactions with others, along with the quality of your life and others. It is very different and unique book, which gives you a reason to discover about yourself. If you can’t take responsibility of others in your life then you will unable to make change in your life. This book is about building and empowering your relationship. If you are feeling panic in your relationship then this book is for you. If you know how to make a good relationship then defiantly you can enhance it further. You will come to know that how to mold your relationship with your partner to make your relationship pleasant or you can plan which type of partner does you want. Relationship is an art; if you mastered it you will love your life. This book is a Guide.