Power Publishers New Release: Shomobhumi

shomobhumi_front_coverShomobhumi by Pratik Bandyopadhayay

Price: 50.00, Genre: Fiction, Pages: 21, Binding: Paperback, Language: Bengali, ISBN: 978-93-84334-50-5

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The story ‘Shomobhumi’ subtly depicts the dilemmas of the human mind and emotional crisis relating to the moral and immoral. The concept of love has been captured with utmost realism and honesty in the pages. Just the way love is the eternal truth and essentially important to us, similarly maintenance of social and economic equilibrium is essential and eternal, though not necessarily beautiful and romantic. Love is an integral part of the story which gradually strengths into a solid body of faith. The authors attempts to break stereotypical social practices and beliefs through this interesting read.