Power Publishers new release : Something between you, me and us

Something between you, me and us by Theertha Arjun

Price: Rs 160, Pages: 94, Genre: Self-help, Language: English, ISBN: 9789386526496, Binding: Paperback.

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This is a self help book for youngsters. The book is titled as ‘Something between you ,me and us’. This is a book integrated with a tint of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). It intends to reach out to people who are looking for answers to general questions or for those who require answers before they face these questions. People are dissimilar yet similar in many ways. Therefore we all have similar issues popping up.
The book starts and ends with concise and timely advice to the readers. It intends to help individuals look at life from a fresh perspective by feeling mentally equipped to deal with life and its actually not so intricate intricacies .It exposes them to certain general scenarios and how certain workable and worked out tips can be handy.
There are diverse topics to read ranging from English language and the myths surrounding it to how certain energies are blocked ,people related issues such as detachment, rapport which are actually trivial unlike what we assume. The book reminds the readers that there is scope and hope to improve the quality of their life and a ‘few must- know points in life’ that turned out very helpful for the author herself