Power Publishers New Release: The Exotic Marathi Cuisine

The exotic marathi cuisine_front cover_v1_06.02

The Exotic Marathi Cuisine by Vinay Ghonasgi

Price: 500.00, Genre: Non-Fiction, Pages: 156, Binding: Hardbound, Language: English, ISBN: 978-93-85524-23-3

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The book presents some of the very rich-in-flavor and divinely delicious Marathi, (Indian Maharashtrian), recipes with special innovative twists and touch by the author. The styling and photography has been done by the author himself, in such a way that, it truly reflects the rich ethnic food tradition of his native state of Maharashtra.
Throughout the entire journey of this book, the reader will not only get to know the details and steps to prepare the recipe itself but will also get special tips and notes about twisting them in various ways to enjoy their various “Avatars” as different flavors. The recipe images & styling will get readers from across the world, who hail from same state, back into their beautiful and unforgettable childhood memories of cooking their native food.
This book is ideally a true guide and excellent prototype, for reference, for those from across the world, who are part of food industry and want to go for a completely new theme for their culinary ventures.