Power Publishers New Release: The Flight to Divinity Why and How

THE_FLIGHT_OF_DIVINITY_Front_Cover_1The Flight to Divinity Why and How by Dr. Vijoy Vihari

Price: 234.00, Genre: Self-help, Pages: 148, Binding: Hardbound, Language: English, ISBN: 978-93-85524-55-4


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“The Flight to Divinity, why and how” is a book which deals with the miseries, frustration and disparity faced by people in general right from the birth till the death. It deals with the laws of karma, constitution of man and aims at the solution of human problems, how to end the cycle of rebirth and death and how to attain the blissful state, consciousness model of faster spiritual progress leading to salvation, motivation or Moksha.

In order to provide a fairly clear  and convincing notion, the book covers the salient features of different systems of yoga, the planes of existence, such as astral and mental planes, concept of God, seven rays of man, Theosophy, effect of mantras, hindrances in spiritual sadhana, spiritual queries generally raised and their answers, Masters, Futility of acquiring more knowledge and wealth.

The language is simple. The flight to Divinity, discusses why a man should try to take Flight to Divinity and once a person decides to embark on the mission, he adopts the strategies to achieve the mission successfully. It is rightly said that it is not right enough to say the sweet is tasty; a man has to fetch the sweet , eat it and taste the sweetness of the product. The approach is lucid and rewarding leading to the freedom from the misery, rebirth and death.