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The Green ForestThe Green Forest by Shailen Panda

Price : Rs. 500, Pages : 388, Genre : Fiction, Language : English, Binding : Paperback, ISBN No. : 9789387852235.

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This is the story of Gopal, a child, who is friends with an ornamental fish, birds and bees. He’s orphaned too early in life and ekes out a living by tending to cows, goats and sheep at his aunt’s house. Gopal and Govind, another shepherd boy, become friends. Govind gives him a flute and asks him never to part with it. One stormy evening Gopal is lost in a dark deep and dense rainforest forgotten by time. He is found by Jumbo, a huge elephant, who raises him like his son till he becomes the King of the Green Forest. But King Gopal’s heart pines for his beloved Rani. The poignancy of parting and separation, the magic of the enchanting flute, an emotional reunion between King Gopal and Princess Ranimala will take your breath away. Princess Ranimala always felt a presence behind her. Who’s this ebullient Sweet Sea Breeze?