Power Publishers New Release: Transformation

Transformation by Jaya Rajgopalan

Genre: Fiction, Pages: 86, Binding: Paperback, Language: English, ISBN: 978-93-84334-87-1

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Maya not only extends her unconditional love and support to her effeminate son, but also spreads awareness in the society that gender dysphoria is not a mental illness but a disorder.

Udhay Kumar Mishra – Dogmatic, authoritarian and a real martinet, learns a bitter lesson; the consequences of imposing his aspirations and interests on his grandchildren especially regarding marriage and career.

A mother detests her son when he unveils the truth that he is gay, she threatens to sever all contact with him, and forces him to change his mind and marry a girl of her choice. The consequences are disastrous.

Many more parenting challenges and suggestive solutions.

Several social issues like forced arranged marriage, dowry system and gender bias, still prevailing in several parts of India are depicted through this work of fiction.