Front_Cover_My_Father_Struggle (3)A Tribute To My father’s Struggle for life By Harish Gore

Price :Rs 235,Genre:Biography, Page: 165, Binding :Paperback,Language: English, ISBN :978-93-84334-22-2

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This biography is intended to guide the readers and develop them into good citizens of India.  It is a non-fiction, narrating the major events in the life of the author’s father, who was born in utter poverty and had to face many odds. He had to work hard as a child laborer – a farmer’s servant. He struggled endlessly just to arrange for a day’s meal, had to face some unusual calamities, but still lived a simple, gentleman’s life full of human values. By working hard, he made progress as to purchase land and build his own house. Later he quit the life of a slave and went on to learn a tailor’s job. His dedication and perseverance enabled him to gain knowledge of reading, writing, and doing elementary level mathematics. He also learnt to play the harmonium and took active part in singing bhajans. At about fifty-five, cancer attacked him, still he endured untold miseries, pains and hardships. The narration explains in details how his son nursed, served and treated him like an ideal son would. Even the cancer had to wait well over fifteen years for the father’s death.
The author has highlighted social problems like child labour, old age people’s problems, illiteracy, social evils, mal-practices and have also spoken about their solutions.