Power Publishers new release : Wet Petals

Wet PetalsWet Petals by Vijay Pratap Singh

Price : Rs. 290, Pages : 148, Genre : Fiction, Language : English, Binding : Paperback, ISBN No. : 9789386526120.

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This book is story of Aarav who is in search of love. He looses his parents in childhood left with a sister and extreme of poverty. Government’s nomination puts him to a medical college.

Amidst rich students and their lavish life styles he finds a friend, Steve, who is not sure what he wants from life. He is suffering a fear which is not true. He is a sympathy-seeker, precisely wants to be heard and loved.

In his restlessness, Steve finds his friendship and love in Aarav and Aarav finds Steve equally a friend. Steve is confused about definitions of love and friendship. Aarav and Steve talk alot justifying their virtues on love, friendship, anxiety and fear through their medical-subject-learnt-philosophies and past experiences of their life.

Aarav in his confused journey of search of ultimate love falls with a classmate girl, who rejects her proposal and goes back to USA to live with her ailing father. Aarav and Steve keep searching for the true meanings of love, relationship, friendship, anxiety and fear. Do they get their answer? Where do they end in their life?