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WHERE_ARE_THOSE_BUTTERFLIES_Front_Cover_v1_25.02Where Are Those Butterflies by Biplab De Sarkar

Price: 275, Genre: Fiction, Pages: 182, Binding: Paperback, Language: English, ISBN: 978-93-85892-14-1

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“Where are those Butterflies”, is a collection of eleven short stories covering incidents with interesting people that the author had met. While some incidents have been witnessed, others have been experienced by the author himself at certain points of time in his life. The title story, Where are those butterflies, set against the scenic green landscape of the Queen of Hills, delves into childhood of the current generation of children via-a-vis the older generation,narrating the fun and frolics which this generation were missing, with the ever-growing competitive environment. Living on the Edge, set against the treacherous inhospitable north eastern hilly terrain, revolves around the sensational kidnapping of the daughter of the Governor of a State, and the subsequent dare devil rescuing drive to free the hostage from the clutches of the ruthless militants. The Incident, is a gripping story of emotional trauma, which a family undergo during a long awaited vacation while visiting an ancient historical fort located at a high isolated altitude amidst the Western Range, when suddenly they were confronted with the mysterious death of their car driver. As a story teller, the author has made every effort to keep his writing simple, flow of each story smooth yet captivating for the readers.Each story is gripping and unique in its style and treatment. The author hopes that readers will find his maiden endeavour an interesting read.