Power Publishers new release : Why I don’t need to travel to a developing country

Why I don't need to travel to a developing countryWhy I don’t need to travel to a developing country by Nirbhay Singh

Price : Rs. 250, Pages : 107, Genre : Biography, Language : English, Binding : Paperback, ISBN No. : 9789387852105.

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The book is an autobiography of Nirbhay’s life, which talks about struggles and various failures of his life. It also talks about his story of a village life, how a woman played a crucial role in his life and provided further motivation to readers that how a village boy who failed twice in grade 2 can mae it to university.
The story goes on further to talk about family history and how the migration happened to India during 1947. How giving back to society holds a family motto.
The book also mentions about various instances where Nirbhay witnessed the situation of people living below poverty line. “Why i don’t need to travel to a developing country” talks about various instances of people having no access to basic necessities in developing country.
It is the book that will give you the reason to make your own life a story worth telling. This is a critically acclaimed book driven by inspiring stories for thoses who hasn’t travelled to a developing world and is looking for some motivation to take their biggest ambitions into reality.