Power Publishers new release : Between You and Me

Between You and Me by Krishna Panda

Price: Rs 240, Pages : 132, Genre : Poetry, Binding : Paperback, ISBN : 978-93-86526-85-4

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Between You and Me is a book of free-flowing verses from a heart who worships love and hold the beloved at the highest pedestal. But then, the more love explained, the less it can ever be conveyed. This book pens poetry in motion, a rendition to the beloved that if love is timeless, then the quest from the lover to the beloved is eternal. With each poetry, the readers shall get into a journey where nature, emotions, unsaid words, un-kept promises, silent commitments, yearnings, love, dreams, desires and plethora of feelings merge to bring alive the language of heart. Yes, the book is the language of heart. Heart feels it straight but expresses in the most complicated way. Get on to the journey and listen to what a heart in love has to say about a tale of love in various hues of poetry.