How a video book trailer can be the coolest book promotion tool

As we would all agree, the inception of the social media culture has made life simpler and decision-making easier. They are ideal hassle-free platforms that have the potential to spread the word around the world in minutes. But that is exactly where we tend to take things a little too for granted. Yes, you can get a book published and talk about it at length in personal blogs and Facebook pages. But, if you think that is all you need to do to get your books selling like hot cakes, you are perhaps expecting a little too much.
Yes, writing and posting content and updates on social media is the easiest and the most inexpensive way of promoting. But, so are video book trailers. They are basically two-minute videos that give readers an idea of the treasure trove that your book is, with a little focus on the writer. Just like movie trailers.
Technology has evolved with leaps and bounds over the years. Those, who fail to take advantage of it, lag behind. If you have worked really hard on your novel, you have every right to see it fly off the shelves. But, that dream would not gain wings without a little promotional zeal. Power Publishers offers several self-publishing packages at discounted rates to authors. These packages include a video book trailer, besides other complimentary services, which is made by a team of experienced and technologically sound professionals. They are developed with valuable inputs from the author, making them the perfect vehicles to champion the release of the book. With great images, background score and bit information about the book and also about the various places that it would be available, the video book trailer makes it easy to go around the globe talking about your book, without even moving from your chair!
Today, most authors are moving towards self-publishing not only because they are able to get their book published the way they like, but also because self-publishing mammoths like Power Publishers are offering a plethora of promotional tools to help authors promote their books and reach out to their reader-base easily and effectively. Make a book trailer today through creatively engaging process with Power Publishers and touch millions of hearts. Your video book trailer maker would ensure that the video has got all the right elements to vindicate the purpose of the book and the hard work made on it by the author. With book trailer in India gaining prominence at a staggering rate, your skill with words, is all set to get instant recognition, more than ever.

Take a look at a sample trailer below: