Convert your book to a comicbook to reach out to a much larger readership

comicbook-page-sampleMilky white pages and a favorite pen had probably started your writing career. But, you will never be able to tell how your characters and stories had managed to outreach you with time and popularity. So, why keep it breathing underneath printed letters and fading memory when you can capture its essence in the form of comic strips? More than ever, the comic book market all over the world is spreading like fire, now that feature films, screenplays and television adaptations are being made out of popular works.

If you have forever loved the Marvel comics and have dwelled in their phenomenal world of ski-fi action, kick-ass villains, gorgeous damsels and superpowers, you can now not only live the dream but also create your own legacy! If your book has got heightened elements of drama, suspense, thrill, action, comedy or anything and everything that makes up a great comic book, you are in luck as Power Publisher has got the coolest book-to-comic-book service for young and talented minds eager to get a good reader base for himself. Not only do we provide a publishing platform but also a methodically structured comic book design service. You come with your book, you leave with a comic book. In case, you simply have the idea for a comic book, our team of highly skilled and internationally trained artists would get you the perfect script along with character illustrations to suit your fantasy.

So, what kind of a comic book illustration do you really want? Whatever you wish to execute, whether it is manga style characters, super hero figures, Egyptian or medieval heroes or simply cartoon characters, you can have them all under one roof. To get started, all you have to do is log on to the Power Publishers website and hire a comic book artist who would share the same creative language with you and adhere to your creative requirements. You can get to have an idea of the work that is being carried out at every stage by coordinating with the team and taking updates. With dozens of international comic book names flashing their identity under the successful Power Publishers brand name, you are one step behind becoming an international icon. So, find a comic book illustrator with us today and be at the right place at the right time. You can choose from under various packages and services that run at affordable prices designed to provide the best possible graphic novel art service to beginners and first-timers.